30 is the new 20: Why the best has yet to come!

wine improves with age, why can’t we?

Let’s celebrate the good times!   One reason for me to celebrate today is because we launched “the JOY depot” on a day that’s very important to me…my 30th birthday!

Wow! I never thought this day would come.

Some people may say, “why celebrate getting old?” and “the best time of our life was in our past.”

True, a lot of fun things happened in the past and we had some monumental birthdays already -getting a drivers license at 16, being able to vote at 18, and drinking without fear at 21.  What do you get when you turn 30?  More wrinkles and grey hair?  Side note, I think I might have even found a grey hair earlier this week!

But to all those people, I just want to say, “the best has yet to come!”

Really, though, no matter how old you are (if you’re 20, 30 or 50), the best has yet to come!

As we get older we become more comfortable in our own skin and more in tune to what really makes us happy and joyful.

It’s less about the things we accumulate, but more about the relationships we have with those around us and if we are happy.

As humans, we are able to adapt.  We learn and we grow.  We just get stronger.

We use our past to inform our present and future.

So we learn about what we like and don’t like.  Trial and error.  Like wine, we aren’t always great straight out of the gate.  We need these life experiences to grow.

But all this trial and error needs to happen so we can become reconnected with ourselves and our own passion that we may have lost along the way.

How many people are thinking about or actually do change their life course between their 30s and 40s?  Thousands, if not millions!  We term this “mid-life crisis”.

But in my humble opinion, it’s not a “crisis.”  This is when we are finally listening to ourselves and saying, “I deserve JOY in my life!”  We finally know what we want and are willing to do what ever it takes to obtain it.

So today and each day, be proud of your age and all that you’ve learned.  It’s your badge.  Each day begins a new chapter in your life.  You will be able find your true calling.  If you don’t believe it, try it.

Start by embracing your age and each day.  A mantra you can use is, “I’m XX years old and I’m proud of it.  I will live, learn, and love today.”  Smile as you say it.  After saying it to yourself few times, you’ll believe it and be ready to conquer anything.  I promise.  It really works!


About the JOY Coach

Minling Chuang

Minling is the founder of {the JOY depot} and is on a mission to help new entrepreneurs start their dream business. She spent many years working on branding strategies for top brands like Lean Cuisine & Nestle Toll House and launching multimillion dollar products. Now Minling's passion is to help people create profitable businesses they love! She is also a Kundalini Yoga teacher in Venice, CA. Like her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter. And if you want to start your own business, book a clarity session with Minling.

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