Friend or Friends?


Sometimes, you just need a real friend!

In the age of social media, how often do we get sucked into “connecting” with friends via facebook, twitter, google+ or other platforms.

I admit, I definitely get sucked into facebook to see what my friends are up to.

Reading the wall posts and tweets makes me feel up to date on my friends’ activities and lives.  But most of the time, I’m not interacting with my friends 1-on-1 via phone or in person.

When I compare how often I go on facebook to the number of times I pick up the phone and call one of my friends, facebook is probably 10x greater.

Take a quick sec to check in with yourself.  What about you?  How often do you go on facebook to check out your friends status?  Now how often do you call your friends to catch up?

Don’t get me wrong, facebook has been great in helping me connect with people on their birthdays, weddings, birth of their children, etc.

But how much joy do we get out of each day by reading about our friends’ lives vs. experiencing our lives with our friends.

This became apparent to me when I had dinner with two of my college friends, Jen and Rachel.  We met freshman year in the dorm rooms and ended up becoming roommates for the remaining 3 years at SC.

Before last night, I hadn’t spent quality time with them in over 6 years.  Granted, my excuse was I was in the Midwest for those 6 years and couldn’t see them regularly.  But I could have called them and caught up with them every once in awhile.  Instead I used facebook to keep up with all their activities.

Hanging out with them reminded me how much I missed spending time with them.  We reminisced about our time at SC and all the fun times we had.  We talked for hours and it felt really good to have them back in my life.

So today’s challenge is to reduce the use of facebook and increase the human interaction with your friend (talking to someone on the phone or going to dinner, etc).  Try to pick a person you haven’t talked to in awhile, but have been meaning to call.  Notice how you feel during and after the interaction.


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