10 simple ways to get out of a funk and into JOY!

“There is only one person who could ever make you happy, and that person is you.” – David Burns

Ok. I admit it.  I’m not always joyful.

There are days and times when I’m cranky, irritable and negative about life.  I let circumstances or people get in my way.  I worry about things that are out of my control and get stressed out.

On those days, it takes a lot to snap me out of my funk.  Because when I feel funky, I just want to stay there.  It’s almost easier.  Do you feel that way too?

And trust me, you don’t want to be around me.  Just ask my parents!  I guess it’s because I’m a scorpio that I have a bit of a sharp tongue when I’m not so happy.

So you might be wondering why I’m the one sharing advice on how to be JOYFUL.

Good question.

Being good at getting in a funk also provides great practice to snap out of my negative self into joy.  Without experiencing both sides, I wouldn’t know what true joy is.

We all are human and go through ups and downs of life.  We are never always upbeat 100% of the time.  And it’s ok to be upset. But our challenge in life is to learn from the times we feel down and work through our issues so that we can get out of our funk and into our happiness.

We have to learn how to do this ourselves because no one is going to rescue us and magically make us happy and full of joy.  Only we can pull ourselves out.

So here are my top 10 ways you can get out of a funk & create JOY!

1. Close your eyes & take a few long deep breaths – This is so simple.  Whenever you start to feel your blood boil, close your eyes and take a few long deep breaths.  Closing your eyes will allow you to turn your attention inward.  The breath is our pathway to a calm & JOYFUL life.  Our  breath determine how we feel.  The more anxious or stressed out we are, the shallower our breaths become.  By breathing long deep breaths, we calm down our nerves and we are filled with a sense of peace.  Where there is peace, there is joy.

2. Find the positive – Every situation, there is a bright side.  Try to look for something positive about the situation, even when it’s negative.  Just the other day, on my way to yoga class, someone came into my lane and almost hit my car.  I was able to slam on the breaks and avoid a big collision.  I could have been upset and honked obnoxiously.  I could have gone into a funk.  Instead, I was calm and peaceful about it.  No one was hurt.  That was the bright side.  And, I still made it to yoga on time!

3. Visualize your happy place – We all have a place that makes us happy.  It could be a destination or a place you are doing something you love.  Visualizing your happy place brings you instant joy.  So when you are mad about something, just take a moment and imagine your happy place.  It’ll bring a smile to your face right away!

4. Meditate – Meditation is a great way to clear your head.  I always love meditating when I feel stressed because it helps even out my inhalations and exhalations, which in turn calms my nerves.   There are many meditations for different ailments.  I find the 3HO website very resourceful.   But if you want a simple meditation, just sit in a cross leg position (or in a chair), close your eyes and start to focus on your third eye (the point in-between your brown points) and your breath.   Japa meditations are also nice.  Your attention is focused on your mala beads and the words in your chant.  You can even repeat words like “peace” or “love” or “joy” over and over until you chant it 108 times.

5. Forgive yourself – Sometimes we are our own worst critic.  A lot of stress can come from ourselves.  We set the bar high and when we don’t always achieve it, we can be a little down and out.  So when you are feeling this way, just place your hand on your heart and tell yourself, “I forgive myself for…(fill in the blank)…”  Forgiveness is a key to happiness & joy. It releases all of our anger and tension.  Because to forgive is to love.

6. Read and inspirational & uplifting story – Reading inspirational stories always puts me in a good move.  We are surrounded by negative news so it’s nice to read some positive news for a change.  There are many amazing stories out there.

7. Call your “positive” friend – Like a gym buddy, a “positive” friend buddy can be there to support you.  Have someone you can call not to vent, but to uplift you.  We all have one of those friends who make us feel good about ourselves.  Talk to that person more often.

8. Do some self affirmations – Self affirmations are so powerful.  I do one almost every morning and it immediately brightens my day.  When someone or something sets you off, say some positive affirmations to yourself.  It works when someone is critical of you or puts you down in some way.  By repeatedly saying the self affirmation, you will start to believe your words.

9. Listen to some uplifting music – I love listening to music when I’m upset.  And it’s usually something uplifting.  I love listening to Kirtan music because the words are so powerful.  But you can choose anything as long as it calms your soul and brings a positive vibe to your life.

10. Practice yoga, take a run or do some other physical activity – Physical activity, especially yoga, helps us clear our minds.  Physical activities takes our focus from the outside world to our internal self.  These are great way to release tension in our body and pent up frustration.

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