Celebrate your greatness – 3 easy steps

Have you ever wondered if you were good enough?

I have…many times. It’s a constant question that plays in the back of my mind.  I always doubted my skills and talents.  When I played piano, I didn’t think I was good enough and ended up quitting.  Same with ballet.  More recently, I’ve doubted myself as a yoga teacher. There are so many great teachers already.  I wondered what I had to offer that was different.

Although this has been a struggle, I’m beginning to understand how I self sabotage myself by thinking this way.  I’ve been studying with healers, yogic philosophy and other personal development / growth teachers over the last few years.  And through it all, I’ve come to the conclusion that…

We are all here for a purpose.  We all have unique talents to share.  And we must own all of it.

When we are able to celebrate our greatness and embrace who we are, we are able to make a difference in other people’s lives.  We never know who we may inspire just by being ourselves.

So, here are some ways you can CELEBRATE YOUR GREATNESS!

  1. Self Affirmations – Tell yourself you are GREAT!  Who better than yourself?  If you keep telling your doubts your great, eventually, you will drown out your doubts.
  2. Showcase your strengths – We all have strengths and talents.  Find it and show it off.  Yes, it will feel weird at first, but if you keep reinforcing the greatness within you, you will gain more and more self confidence.
  3. Journal about your greatness – Before bed, write down all the things you did right!  Our mind will automatically say what we did wrong.  So to counteract this, train your mind to look for the positives in your life.  It is a muscle we must build.

We are all born GREAT!  Sometimes we forget it, but know that it’s true!


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