Getting clear on your personal truth: How to follow your own destiny

Last year as 11-11-11 approached, I could feel the rumbling vibration of change, the fear in those who would resist it, and the hope in those who would embrace it.

For me, there was only one option. It was time for me to show my mind who was boss once and for all.

I called my sister who is 9 years younger and confessed that I was about to turn my entire life upside down and make a complete mess out of everything that made me feel safe. She is wise beyond her years and said, “Well, you have to follow your heart.”

That I did. I knew that in order to see the shift in humanity that I had been praying for during this change of Ages, I had to start deep within me.

We are not our parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, teachers, or bosses. We are not the concepts or images that swirl around us. We are not trapped. We simply have to say YES to what we know to be TRUTH and commit to holding that connection in every moment.

I had an opportunity to work in a relaxed corporate environment with amazing people, a hefty salary, Health Insurance, free dry cleaning, a parking spot, and an office with a view. The American dream, right? Perhaps, but not my dream. I had to let the opportunity go to someone who really wanted it, even though it was tempting in many ways.

Everyone around me, including parents and members of my spiritual community who I hold in high regard, seemed apprehensive about my turning away such an opportunity. I knew that they were coming from such a pure place of concern and strong wanting for my well being, but I felt the undercurrent of fear and old thought patterns that were driving their words.

I went into deep meditation and asked my teacher, the Siri Singh Sahib, for guidance. It wasn’t long before I heard his voice piercing through my being, “What? Do you think God’s not going to take care of you!?” and so I laughed, I was relieved, and I continued to follow the light of my destiny despite everyone else’s opinions.

The mind, untrained, will take you down many roads that are unnecessary detours. Its nature is to seek safety (the familiar) and avoid change (potential danger). It needs a major update and reboot to catch up with the times. With rapid expansion and heightened awareness in the human consciousness, the old patterns will only cause duality within us. Our souls want to carry us forward into a life experience of joy, fulfillment, and love. We must say YES to moving into those new spaces of the unknown and let go of the comfort zone.

“Go to school, get a job, get married, and have kids” has been force fed to generation after generation, and I take great pleasure in rejecting it completely. I’m not saying that model can no longer be fulfilling or bring great happiness, but I am saying that if your Truth leads you to something else, celebrate! There is nothing wrong with you. I’ve had client after client come to me feeling disempowered because they were comparing themselves to others.

My message is this: you didn’t come to Earth to live someone else’s life, so focus on you and keep listening to the subtle voice of your Soul.

There is much excitement and hope in the artistry of a new life model. We have an opportunity to redefine “quality of life” and transform our relationships. The possibilities are infinite. I’ve used the “happy” gage since I was a kid. I knew that it wouldn’t serve me to measure my quality of life by my possessions, appearance, or social status; so I assess every scenario in life (work, relationships, projects, etc) with one simple question to myself: is it making me happy? After all, isn’t that at the root of everything we obsess over anyway?

“If I just get that promotion, then I can get that woman to marry me, then we can buy that house, and we’ll live happily ever after”. We just want to be happy, but we won’t find the joy we seek if we’re following someone else’s pattern rather than following Truth. Some may think the “happy” gage sounds selfish, but if we are not filling ourselves with joy, how can we share it with others? I have dedicated my life to service, but I know that I must take care of myself in order to effectively uplift someone else. There is no guilt in this. It’s no surprise that as an adult I would discover a teacher who made the quote “Happiness is your birthright” famous (Yogi Bhajan).

I’ve had to transform friendships with people who were so attached to who I was when I was 19 and help them to understand who I am now. It was easier for some than others, and I had to be willing to allow space where there would be space. I had to allow them to also express their Truth the same way that I hold strong in mine.

How you look, how you interact, and how you experience that you are contributing to the world in your highest capacity is completely up to you and I encourage you to radically live from the Truth of your heart.

It’s easy to get lost in the negative mind’s excuses, so remember that the Universe will always support you when you live in Truth.

Although the changes I have made in the past few months have not been easy, I continue to receive confirmation that I made the right choices. My business projects continue to flow and new opportunities are popping up all around me. The people in my life who were originally hurt and fearful are now seeing positive transformation in their own lives. I got out of my own way and stepped onto a new platform of opportunity and growth. It all started with my willingness to rock the boat and follow Truth.


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Sat Devbir Singh

Sat Devbir Singh is a Healer, Spiritual Counselor, Musician, and Teacher of Kundalini Yoga. At an early age, he realized his ability to communicate with the spiritual world. At that time, he made a commitment to follow his Truth and surrender to a life of service, love, and guidance from the Divine. As he grew older, Spirit lead him to deep Meditation and Crystal Healing. He found that the wisdom and harmony held in crystals heightened his meditative experiences, and ultimately lead him to Yoga.

Sat Devbir describes Kundalini Yoga as “the most complete daily practice I’ve found on this quest. The alignment of breath, body movement, and sound create a sacred space for the totality of your Being to become fully realized”. It has enabled a deeper experience of the Crystalline and Native American medicines he carries. Recognizing that our natural state is complete health and balance, he uses the pure energy of crystals to open the space for people to recover their true state of harmony and well-being. Having accessed consciousness from past lives as well as Universal wisdom through his countless hours of meditation and training, Sat Devbir offers a unique and transformational experience in each of his sessions. For information on classes, workshops, private sessions, and retail offerings including his crystal-infused essential oil line Enlightened Oils, visit

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