Why having a daily Sadhana practice can change your life

Eight months ago I started practicing a morning Sadhana.  Sadhana is a sanskrit word for daily spiritual practice.

It changed my life.

I never really thought of myself as a spiritual person.  In fact, I was an atheist when I was little and wanted no part in organized religion.  It wasn’t until I started practicing yoga did I become more spiritual and realize that I didn’t need a religion to find God, that God was already within me.

With yoga, I felt this wonderful connection with my body.  It was magical.  It was like I was reintroduced to my bones, muscles, tendons, skin, nerves, breath.  In a way I started to become awake to life. We are all these beautiful beings – true miracles.

My spirituality strengthened after I started my Kundalini Yoga teacher training program.  A requirement of the program was to complete a 40 day Sadhana practice.

Although I was already a seasoned yogini at that point, I didn’t practice every day.

But after 40 days of Sadhana, my life changed in the best possible way and it is still continuing to evolve.

I could feel something change inside of me.  I grew calmer and less agitated by big and little things that came my way.  My mind didn’t fluctuate as much, but instead became steady and neutral.  I was able to let go of all my problems and let the universe take care of it.  If things were meant to be, I let it happen. I just simply surrendered to my destiny.

Silly things started happening like being able to manifest parking spots in a very crowded lot simply because I left it up to the universe and didn’t get in the way by controlling things.

Why it works…

It works because we are really a manifestation of what we think, eat, do.  Our cells are imbedded with imprints of our surroundings and thoughts.

By having a daily Sadhana practice, we are re-shaping our inner being.  We are replacing the old patterns and thoughts with new ones.  The new patterns and thoughts then trickles down to our cells.  Because each of our cells are made up of tiny atoms (neurons, protons, and electrons), our cells send out vibrations into the universe in the form of energy.  People around you can feel your vibrations.

So, when we are practicing Sadhana’s, we are working on our signals to the universe by chipping away at our subconscious identity and blocks, moving ourselves towards the higher self and neutrality of the mind.

How to start a Sadhana practice…

You don’t have to be spiritual or believe in GOD or higher spirits to practice Sadhana.  You will still be able to access your inner self in a deeply profound way.  Just be committed to the practice.

  1. First, be committed.  Be committed for 40 days to practice no matter what.  I found it easier to practice in the mornings because there was no distractions.
  2. Pick a set that you can stick with.  It doesn’t have to be a hard set or a long one.  If you are a yogi, you can do sun salutations and focus on connecting each movement with your breath.  Mark Whitwell has a very easy app called iPromise.  You can also go to Spirit Voyage and participate in their 40 day Sadhana.  Another option is to do a meditation for 40 days.  Here’s one I did for prosperity.  The important thing to remember is to find one that speaks to you!
  3. Stay committed.  Remind yourself each day why are committed to the having a daily practice. Your mind and body will want to quite.  Dig deep and keep going.  Don’t worry, pretty soon it’ll be second nature and you will miss it if you miss a day.
  4. Journal.  Write down your experience.  After the 40th day, reflect back on the process and notice how much you shifted.


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