Steps To A Stress Free Day


Just hearing that word can stress people out (including me).  I can feel my heart racing faster and faster as the word enters my consciousness.

Why does stress have so much power over us?  It seems to have the power to take over our days and if we are not careful, our lives.

But would you believe we can create a stress free day or even days?

It’s true.  You can.  I can.  Anyone can.  We just don’t do it.


Here’s the hard truth.  Stress begins and ends with us.  Yes!  I’ll say it again, stress begins and ends with us.

We are the ones who create our own stress.

You might be thinking, “Hold up, what do you mean I create my own stress?  What about all the fire drills at work or deadlines I have to meet not to mention all the family obligations and bills I have to manage? All those things stress me out!”

What I said before still holds true – stress begins and ends with us.  We are stressed out by all the environmental factors because we are constantly reacting to everything that happens around us.  The human mind is a reaction making machine.   When something happens to us, we have a reaction.  It’s just how our mind works.

We have this natural flight or fight reaction.  It dates back to our pre-historic days where adrenaline kicks in when there is a threat.  These days, our adrenaline still kicks in when environmental factors- work issues, family issues, etc. – come up.  And it comes in the form of stress.  Our natural homeostasis state is disrupted and we end up with fluctuations in our moods.  To de-stress, we want to help our body return to it’s natural state.

The good news is that we can control our reactions and remain neutral amidst the environment around us.  Here are some steps to free yourself from stress.

1. Stop and get centered

When something throws you for a loop – your boss giving your a crazy deadline, someone says something that rubs you the wrong way, or you just have way too much going on – stop and get centered.  This can mean closing your eyes and focusing on your breath.  Or just going away to a quiet space. The key is to remove yourself from the tendency to react.

2. Long deep breaths

Breathing is our life force.  In yoga, it’s called Prana.  In Chinese medicine, it’s called Chi.  When you consciously focus on breathing deep and the rise and fall of your belly, your whole body becomes calm.  When we are stressed we tend to have shorter, more shallow and rapid breaths.  Lengthening and expanding your breath increases the oxygen flow in the body and nourishes our cells and helps return our body to a state of homeostasis.

3. Play calming music

We are want we listen to.  Sound affects our moods because the sound waves or energy is picked up by our bodies.  When we play soothing music – classical music is a great example –  the music naturally helps our body return to a calm state.  Loud or jarring music has the opposite effect.  The key is returning our body to it’s natural biorhythms.  So when you have a deadline that stresses you out, play some music to calm your mind, body, and soul.  You’ll be able to think a little more clearly.

4. Go for a walk outside

Nature is a natural healing tool.  Go outside and soak up the sunlight.  The sun is a natural source of Vitamin D.  Vitamin D is important for our bodies and it effects our mood.  When we lack Vitamin D, we are more likely to be more depressed or sad.  Sunlight is a way to boost our mood instantly.  Of course, be careful not to get too much sun and get burned.

Also, just enjoying the sounds of nature can calm us.  Who doesn’t like to listen to the birds chirping, the roar of the ocean waves.  Walk around and listen to the beautiful sounds of nature!

We are the ones that can determine how the environment effects us.  If you want to have a stress free day, look for ways to help your body naturally return to a state of peace and calm.

*Photo Credit:
Sunrise in Kallithea, Rhodes by Thomas Kirkevåg, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 2.0 Generic License  by  Thomas KirkevÃ¥g 


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