Why challenges are actually your best friend

If you hate challenges, raise your hand.

Aren’t they a pain in the you know what?

Why can’t life be easy? Or at least easier?

I totally agree!

I want the easy way out too!

But challenges are actually your best friend.  Even though you may not like it, she’s like a friend who pushes your buttons.  She’s the one that tells you like it is and doesn’t hold back.

Like your friend, challenges allow you to grow and make you a better person.  How else do you rise up past your comfort zone?

However there is a fine balance.

Sometimes challenges can stop you because the challenges seem insurmountable.

In this case, how do you overcome it?

  1. See it as just a challenge – Don’t give the challenge too much power over you.  Acknowledge that it’s there.  Sometimes, as humans, we make things more difficult than it really is.  Take an objective look at your challenge.  What are the true issues?
  2. Be centered – Stay in a neutral state of mind.  Don’t freak out.  When you are centered, you have the power to think clearly.
  3. Embrace it – We give power to what we fear.  So embrace the challenge.  Challenges come to you because you’ve asked for it in some way.  I know, it sounds weird, but it’s true.  Your soul is ready to evolve so challenges come to help you evolve and grow.  In a subtle way, you soul wants you to have the challenge.  So instead of shunning it, embrace what your soul already wants.
  4. Be positive – Everything is ok.  Tell yourself “Yes, I can.”  You can overcome anything.  Your soul knew you were ready for the challenge so it asked for it.  Be positive and let yourself move through it with grace and easy.  Remove the need to struggle.  Challenges can be fun.

If all else fails, treat your challenges like your best friend.

  1. She is who she is
  2. Be the calm one in your friendship
  3. Love her no matter what
  4. Be positive

Do you have some advice on how you deal with challenges?  If so, we’d love to hear it.  Comment below and tell us how!


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