9 energizing herbs to increase your endurance

We are all familiar with “weeds” that pop up all over our garden or lawns… each time you pull them up, more of them seem to appear. These plants, which have a reputation for being invasive, in actuality are full of endurance- they never give up their ability to grow and expand even it means pushing through the sidewalk concrete to emerge from the earth. Like these plants, we too can cultivate the determination, stamina and endurance to keep pushing through our barriers and challenges in order to grow while sustaining our energy as we flourish.

One of the most popular reasons people love to practice yoga or become interested in herbal medicine is the fact that both these ancient healing arts and sciences give us the ability to enhance our quality of life. We enjoy herbs and yoga for the fact that they enliven us – give us energy, vitality, abundance and strength. We extend beyond fatigue and move into a place of strength and passion for life through our practice.

We have all experienced moments and days when we feel completely depleted of all our energy. We may get tired, irritable, exhausted, mentally overwhelmed, depressed, strained, bored, stressed, or feel all around apathetic. One reason for this could be our depleted or overworked adrenals. Our adrenal glands sit on top of the kidneys and produce cortisol and aldosterone hormones which help us metabolize carbohydrates, sodium and water. They also help our body to respond to illnesses, promote muscle growth and produce adrenaline, but when overworked we feel exhausted!

We can overcome…In fact, with the use of herbs, it is possible to feel replenished while at the same time we can restore our energy and break through the exhausting cycle of fatigue. Herbs can; rejuvenate our adrenal glands, balance our nervous system, regulate stress levels, restore energy, promote well-being, lessen inflammation, boost the immune system AND support our radiant health. Some of the herbs that promote stamina and endurance include:


One of the greatest tonics that is both restorative and rejuvenating (no wonder it keeps coming back each time you pull it out from the ground). The root stimulates digestion with its bitter taste, thus helping to clean the liver, tone the kidneys and maintain potassium levels. The leaves are very high in essential vitamins and minerals including calcium, magnesium, iron, vitamin A & C. You may want to try using a tasty mixture of dried Dandelion Root and Chicory Root as a wonderful coffee substitute to lessen the body’s dependency on caffeine.


Full of life-promoting vitamins and properties including; iron, calcium, potassium, silicon, magnesium, manganese, chromium, zinc and many more minerals. Nettle strengthens the entire body and enlivens one’s metabolism. Strengthens kidneys thus promotes energy and vitality. Helpful for allergies, growing pains, and for nourishing the hair and scalp.


The root can be eaten and cooked like carrots. This herb is rich in essential vitamins and minerals which contribute to healthy skin as a result of a healthy liver. When our digestion (even more specifically, our liver) is balanced, we feel emotionally balanced as well. This herb is alkalizing and cooling which is helpful for circulating stagnation and purifying blood.


Fortifies the mind and body, promotes longevity, wisdom and happiness. Has been nicknamed “the herb of immortality” as it may enhance immunity, vitality, balance stress, inflammation, support adrenals and increase stamina. Mushrooms, like Reishi, have an energetic property of supporting the feeling of being grounded and firmly rooted.


Can be helpful for people who are overworked, anxious, stressed or have irritated and inflamed nerve endings. Increases overall vitality and health and has been used for balancing the nervous system as well as low sexual vitality. Can be helpful for people with adrenal burnout or when someone is irritable from quitting smoking/ chemical withdrawals. Helpful for people who are overly weak by promoting a relaxed outlook.

Bee Pollen

Jam packed with nutrients, bee pollen, provides a burst of energy for the nervous system. This complete protein assimilates naturally throughout the body by the help of its amino acids, minerals and vitamins. It takes a ton of energy for the bees to collect the pollen, so it is important you never waste it or use it without consciously considering the impact. Make sure you are not allergic to bee pollen before using.


Classic Chinese tonic (aka Ho Shou Wu), restores vitality and inner strength, enhances sexual energy and is great for calming and sustaining energy when overly stressed.

Ginseng (Siberian, American, Asian)

Restorative and rebuilding, good for exhaustion, brightens the eyes and brings clarity and focus. Siberian Ginseng (aka Eleuthero) is my favorite choice to feel uplifted, an increase in strength and a resistance to stressors. Proves to be helpful for late nights or long hours spent studying or working.


Energizing, normalizes chi (core strength), healing for the immune system, and contributes to radiance.

May these suggestions spark your interests and ability to make the health promoting choices that are right for you and your body. Striving for a greater sense of well-being and joy in your life will help you to gain access to the storehouse of energy reserves and resources within your body and mind. This will give you the endurance and stamina your need to enjoy the joys of life along your journey towards vibrant health.

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Siri Baldeep Kaur is a trained herbalist whose devotion lies in helping other’s achieve yoga (union) with their utmost potential for health and vitality. She creates botanical remedies as a way to uplift others through the healing gifts of the Earth. She infuses into her practice the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, as a technology of awareness to align the body, mind and spirit. For more info on her work with herbs, please visit Angelic Herbs For Vibrant Health.

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