When change is good


Last night, my friend Chelsea and I decided to give anti gravity yoga a try.

It was so much fun flying through the air and doing all sorts of crazy inversion poses. We were in the inversion poses for quite awhile and it was nice to be upside-down because it gave me a new perspective.

Like in life, it’s nice to change your view every now and then and see a different side of things.

Going upside down yesterday made me think of an exercise I did in a training a few years back.  The facilitator held up a mug and asked two people to stand on opposite sides – one facing the handle and the other facing the smooth edge of the mug.  She then asked each person to describe what the mug looked like to the other person.  Of course, there was a big difference.  One person could see a handle and one person could not.

It was interesting to see the interaction between the two people because they clearly had a different view and could only describe what they saw.

You know, in life, we are taught right and wrong.  But we sometimes fail to see the other side of things when we believe that our way is right.

The two people in the exercise were arguing who was right when describing the mug – trying to convince each other to believe what they saw.  It wasn’t until the moderator asked them to switch sides that they saw a completely new view. Both were right.  Both were talking about the same object.  But their view blocked them from seeing the other side.

This exercise taught me to be compassionate when talking to people because they might not see what I see and vice versa.

With the election coming up, debates are heating up all over the place.  Who’s right?  Is there a clear “winner”.  What if we can change the way we react to what people with a different point of view say?  What if we can see their point of view?

This week…Change your perspective!

Where can you practice “seeing” the other side of things?

Where can you bring more compassion and understanding to the conversation?

Look for the opportunities.

It could be in a simple conversation with a friend or loved one.

It could be when you’re talking to a co-worker in a meeting.

There are so many opportunities to practice.

Also, let us know where you’ve tried changing your perspective and how it went. Why?  Because we believe in community and helping each other out.  So let us know what you’re letting go of and how we can support you by commenting below.

with peace, love, and joy!


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