3 Simple and Powerful Techniques to Get Your Happy Back On!

Being a joyful and happy person is not only dependent upon genetics, it is also dependent upon our attitude and approach to life. In fact, although our genes do affect whether we have a predisposition to happiness, they do not govern whether we are happy or not.

Each and every person has a choice on how they will approach their daily life. When we learn to manage our daily lives in a positive and empowered way, we will experience less stress and as a result, we are more likely to feel truly happy.

There are a few simple techniques that I use with my clients and students to help them achieve a positive state of well-being and a happier mindset. These techniques are very easy to implement and they can truly alter your emotions in the very moment that they are implemented.

1. Just Smile

As a Transformation Specialist, I know that maintaining a peaceful mind is sometimes a real stretch for people. Since this is the case for many people, I often coach people to use this simple technique to help them regain a state of peacefulness and to bring in a full sense of happiness as a result.

When I begin to feel my peacefulness being pushed out by life and I begin to feel sadness encroaching upon me, I stop and take a deep, slow breath and I ‘make’ a smile on my face.

I say, “Make a smile”, because sometimes I don’t always ‘feel’ like smiling. However, even when we don’t ‘feel’ like smiling, just creating the shape of a smile upon our face, even if it is not a smile that we feel, affects our brain chemicals positively and the brain shifts to suddenly have the ‘good feeling’ kind of smile come back, along with the feeling of peacefulness.

If you can’t even form a smile, then say the name of the letter ‘E’ in an extended sound “EEEEEEEEEEEE”. This creates the smile for you and helps to release the good feeling hormones in your brain and your true smile is released right along with those hormones!

Go for it! It’s worth a try! I know you want to. I can see it on your face. Ahhhh, there you go. Now you are smiling. :-)

2. Set a Pathway to Success

Here is another very simple technique to use at the start of your day before you get going into your human experiences. This technique will help you to set the frequency of happiness and success into yourself and your day. When you take a moment to set the frequency of happiness and success, you set a pathway or a wavelength, for your energy to follow and create in your life.

Take a moment, close your eyes, relax and say to yourself silently, “I get better and better every day, in every way. My life gets better and better every day, in every way. I am fully supported every day, in every way. For all of this I am so very happy and grateful.”

When repeated daily, you will begin to create changes in your brain that override the negative beliefs you may hold about yourself and your life. As the brain learns these new beliefs, the beliefs will become truth to your brain and will be moved into the Basal Ganglia, the habitual portion of the brain, also known as the sub-conscious and you will find yourself automatically feeling, believing and experiencing the truth of these statements in your life.

3. Give Gratitude

The third and one of the most powerful techniques I use myself and with my clients and students as I coach them, is the ‘Gift of Gratitude’.

I have people take some time at their computer, or to write out by hand, and I have them create a list of things that they are happy and grateful for. Every sentence is started with, “I am so very happy and grateful that…” and then the person completes the sentence over and over until they have filled a full sheet of paper, with different endings to the same start of the sentence.

Once they have created this reference sheet, every morning and every evening, or when they are feeling unhappy or depressed or discouraged, I have them read the statements aloud to themselves.

It is important to read it aloud and it is important that you do this on a regular basis. The brain cannot hold two opposing feelings at the same time. Even when you feel unhappy, if you are saying “I am so very happy and grateful that…” Your brain hears and listens to you say this and it adjusts your feelings to match what you say you feel.

Try it, it works! Even on the most difficult days in my life, using this technique has helped me shift my mental state to a better one within minutes! It is so effective, that when you begin to do it regularly, you will find that your brain will automatically switch to reciting the statements throughout the day and you will also find that you are always adding new statements to your list.

I love this very powerful technique! It is one I could not go forward without in my life.

Ultimately it is time for you to expand to a bigger view of who you are! You have choice and you have the power to make a difference in your feelings, your attitude and your life.

Step out of the tiny little box that you have allowed yourself to live in up until now and allow yourself to unfurl to the expansive, holy, energy-being that you truly are.

This is your pathway to magic and profound joy. This is the alpha and the omega of love for yourself.

This is The Truth and this is your pathway to salvation and happiness. Let yourself become the epitome of joy and allow your joy to expand and affect the world around you.

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Karen Popoff

About the JOY Coach

Karen Popoff

Karen Popoff is the Founder and Creator of The Science of Transformation, a series of programs designed to help people create the life of their dreams. She is a leader in the fields of Intuitive Sciences and Vibrational Psychology and has spent many years developing, implementing and presenting personal healing and wellness programs for people wishing to grow beyond the norm in this world. Her expertise in the areas of Training, Development, Group Facilitation and Management Development are highly recognized amongst her peers. She is a world renowned Professional Healer and Psychic and has been credited with a keen sense of awareness. Karen has a brilliant style of communication and truth telling ability. Her clarity and precision have been instrumental in assisting thousands of people to break free of ways of being that have not supported them in their lives. She leads people into their own personal transformation. Karen emphasizes the need for each person to claim and maintain his or her own personal power and therefore teaches people how to harness their power and grow into the Grand Spiritual Beings that they are meant to be. To find out more about Karen, visit her website, The Transformationalist. If you have enjoyed this article and would like to see more articles written by Karen, head on over to her blog at www.KarenPopoff.ca.

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