Savor the moment


Time is going by so fast. It seems like yesterday when it was the the beginning of 2012. I look back and think, wow, where did the time go?

It just seems to fly.

Tomorrow I leave for Taiwan for a few days and I’ve been rushing around trying to get ready. I think to myself, “when I get to the airport, I will rest. Until then, there’s no rest because there’s so much to do and get done.”

I go from here to there getting stuff done for the trip, not taking many breaks.

This is a perfect example of life. So much of our lives we wait for the next moment to rest and relax. Because we are always on the go and on to the next thing.

But we forget to live in the now.

There’s a quote:

Beautiful Tomorrow Never Comes !When It Comes,Its Already TODAY !In The Search For Beautiful Tomorrow, DON’T Lose Your Wonderful “TODAY”.

And it’s absolutely true.

There is no tomorrow. Why wait until tomorrow to do something when you can enjoy it today?

Often times I forget this. But more recently, I’ve been able to catch myself and remember to savor the moment.

And it is a beautiful way to spend the day because I am able to appreciate things in the moment rather than having them lost in my thoughts.

Now it’s your turn.

This week…Savor the moment!

Be present today.

Live in the now.

You might be wondering how.

Great question.

1. Notice your tendencies. Do you think about the past / future more than the present?

2. Start by consciously stopping yourself from thinking too far ahead. Try to focus on NOW.

3. Take time for yourself. Another way to savor the moment is to schedule a moment for yourself without any distractions (and no, being on Facebook does not count)! Really block the time and go do what you love.

4. Start practicing gratitude. By practicing gratitude, you get to stop and appreciate all the good things all around you. You can say one thing you are grateful for.

If you have other tips on savoring the moment, feel free to comment below and share your ideas too!

Also, if you know anyone who would find value from this JOY note, feel free to share it with him or her.

I truly appreciate and am honored by your presence. Thank you for reading the JOY notes each week!

with peace, love, and joy!

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Minling Chuang

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