Being present for the presents

2012 - Being present for the presents

“The most complete and true happiness comes in moments when you feel right there, completely present, with no ideas about good and bad, right and wrong — just a sense of open heart and open mind.” Pema Chodron

I don’t know about you but it’s become very clear over the years that the holidays have a tendency to really bring up a lot about what happened in the past…especially as it relates to family. The wounded ego can really play tricks on us when we least expect it and a spiraling into self-loathing, depression or resentment about old yucky stuff can really rear its ugly head. Christmas from a religious perspective is, the birth of Christ. The only child of God who can save our soul (to keep it simple). There are so many different variations of the stories of who the baby Jesus is or was. However from a “spiritual” perspective it’s an absolute exquisite metaphor for the birth of our own Divinity. Our own Cosmic Christ Consciousness, the NEWness of who we are! This is a time to embrace our birthright as part of the great Cosmic pulse of the Universe. If you can be “Present” for this, what a great Christmas “present”!

Growing up Jewish in Farmers Branch, Texas was no picnic. We were the only family in the neighborhood that didn’t have a Christmas tree or sparkly lights on the house. I was not up all night Christmas eve waiting breathless for the morning ritual of opening presents to happen. A month before Christmas was wrought with “what’s going to happen on Christmas”, “how many people are going to make fun of me because it’s Hanukah” and make potato latke jokes. Will my family wake up yet again with Swastikas painted on our house. I was so full of fear a month before December 25th and then and even a month after still hearing about all the great presents everyone got and how people were “saved” and just the emotional turmoil of it all.

Needless to say this set up a very confusing and conflicting dynamic for me early on. Since Christmas was not a day that I was considered to be “Present” for and could not receive “presents” for, then, if I could not be “Present” for the most important day on of the year and for some on the planet then surely why would I be allowed to be “Present” for any other day?

Your story may be different but the theme may be the same. Not being recognized, not being able to receive and it’s just not safe to be “Present”. This dynamic can play out in a myriad of ways…not moving forward in your life, truly standing up front with your talents and gifts, you may be hiding in a 9 to 5 job for security when your heart yearns for something more..And then finding yourself drowning in the savage dialogues of yesterday and tomorrow thus sabotaging the sheer beauty of what’s available in the “Present”.

Release the idea that “everything is happening to you” and allow the idea that “everything is happening for you”!

So what keeps us not being in the present…FEAR. Really that’s it. There are sooo many reasons why we are in fear but for me it comes down to the negative or limiting thoughts we have about ourselves. All this fear was generated very early on in life, which is why the holidays can be a big trigger. Especially Christmas, which represents “birth”.

There is no more powerful moment than the moment right now!

If you know you are one of those people that definitely needs to practice being more “Present” then I highly suggest incorporating a daily mediation practice into your life. And not just a guided meditation (which is good for relaxation) but you will need a Mantra based meditation that will have an immediate effect on your nervous system, your neurotransmitters and your cells. Start becoming aware of your breath. Are you consciously breathing or is your breath constricted? Be aware of your thoughts behaviors and actions. Are they coming from a place of self-love or fear? Allow yourself to tap into all your sensations…sight, sound, smell, taste, touch… giving yourself permission to drop the intellect and jump into your body. I like to wake up everyday with the awareness that I am on the road to self-mastery, realizing my true potential with the intention that everyone will benefit from my merits. I know that when I practice being “Present”, when I allow my sensations to trump my intellect an alchemical reaction occurs which brings me more in alignment with who I really Am…and the end result is always a Joyous experience!

All of these ideas and actions keep being in the “Present” so exciting! You remain “in the flow” and some very cool, wild and trippy events start to happen in your life as a result!

Here are some less yogic and fun ways to quickly get in the “Present”:

  • Call a friend and celebrate his/her accomplishments • Watch a scary movie, a really scary movie • Go to a Rock concert or whatever live music you like
  • Serve food on Skid Row or a soup kitchen (there are many options)
  • Forgive someone
  • Close your eyes and mentally chant, Be Still, and know that I AM

Since the holidays season usually starts with Halloween on through to New Years you may find that seeing more rock shows then one (if that’s your thing) will do the trick! That’s what I’ve done and it’s taken me back to a place of innocence where all my creative juices starting flowing to begin with!

As a Psychic-Medium there is nothing more important for me to be fully Present. I am someone that has a lot of constant and excessive dialogue going on in my head therefore I have to do whatever it takes to remain a clear, open and pure channel. All the knowledge I have goes out the window when I sit one-on-one with a client. However when I am Present the magic happens. That is the greatest present I could have today!

Catch the cosmic pulse of this season, meditate on how you can both give and receive the presents of being “Present” and see what the Universe births for you!

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