Creating YOUR Most Successful Life

2012 - Creating YOUR Most Successful Life


Growing up, I was unlike other little girls in that I rarely fantasized about the dream wedding, but more often fantasized about how I was going to run my own little business and have my own little house.

Of course, now that I’ve bought a beautiful house with my boyfriend and launched my amazing mind body soul coaching practice, I’m only now beginning to realize that I have manifested what would be considered success in that little girl’s eyes!

However, as I begin to define “success” in a more conscious light, I’m recognizing that I’m not successful because I have the business or because I have the house, although these things are amazing and worthy of my gratitude.

I am successful because I have co-created the freedom to share my gifts with the world by directly connecting to and helping others in my coaching practice, while maintaining the balance of energy to invest in cultivating my beautiful loving relationship and home life.

Freedom, love, connection, and balance were all being fulfilled, even as it manifested for me in both ways I had imagined and in ways I never could have.



Most of us have heard the statement “success is what we define it as for ourselves,” and we typically agree that it’s an individual journey, a process of discovery, and can’t possibly look exactly like anyone else’s version of it.

Yet, even though we seem to know this in our heads…we seem to forget it in our hearts, as we keep falling back on the same story of success that we learned along the way – one where success is defined by the greatness of our acts based on what we or others think they should be rather than the wholeness of our being based on how we step more fully into our deepest values.

As you create success for yourself in your own life, you might be noticing that the ego is strong and puts up a good fight to keep this story in place; however, know that the spirit is stronger, as long as you heed the spirit to give it its strength to remind you to live out success on your own terms.



By no means have I perfected this, but I have come across a few great guidelines through it all that have helped me to tap into my own personal vision of success, and I share these with you with the intention that they can help you do the same:

STEP 1: Define what Success Means to YOU, and you alone

If you’ve never done this before, create the space to fantasize and then write down what your ideal vision of YOUR successful life looks like.

Otherwise, if you don’t know what it looks like, then how will you know it when you see it?

Once you’ve played it out in your mind and on paper, go back and pull out the CORE elements from your vision [hint: these are usually related to freedom, connection, creativity, expression, love, and other values].

Now, focus on and allow these core values to GUIDE you first and allow the vision to simply support it – knowing that it’s more important to be aligned with the values than it is to recreate the fantasy down to the last detail.

This is the foundation of digging deep to define what success really means to you, so do a gut check to ensure that it truly resonates before moving on.

STEP 2: Recognize and feel into the ways that you’re already successful NOW

This is Law of Attraction 101 – in order to attract what you want, you must embody that higher vibrating feeling now. Any mindfulness practice is a good start to keeping your vibrations high, and this can also be achieved quite easily with a gratitude practice.

I write a gratitude list every night to ensure my vibes are primed for success, and I invite you to try on the same in your own life, whether you handwrite them in a journal, email them (either to yourself or an accountability buddy), or take advantage of what technology has to offer by keeping track of them in your phone on an app.

It’s more important to keep it simple – 1-3 moments in the day that you can write out and feel into to really make your heart smile – rather than making a LONG list that stays at the head level and doesn’t light you up emotionally.

STEP 3: Learn from those who have come before you

It has been said that there are no new ideas, and rather we are all simply sharing the same ones over and over through our own unique filter and lens.

So it is more than likely that there are role models who are already creating something SIMILAR to what you would like to create; it then becomes as easy as simply seeking out those mentors to guide you (either directly as a mentor or coach or simply through their offerings or writings).

The key word here to keep in mind is “similar,” recognizing that no two people are going to live the same life, so this is less about modeling your life exactly like someone else’s but rather gleaning what works well and how you might be able to implement that in your own life.


Don’t get so lost in someone else’s dreams and how they achieved them that you forget your own, paying attention to the ego’s voice which will lead you down the slippery slope of comparison if you’re not careful.

STEP 4: Get inspired by your own muse, intuition, or guides

It’s my belief that true inspiration doesn’t come from reading other people’s inspirational quotes or listening to inspirational messages, but rather though our direct connection to the divine. Bold statement, I know, but I’m sticking to it.

That doesn’t mean that surrounding ourselves with these messages and energies of LOVE isn’t a good thing, but it does mean that in order for us to truly allow ourselves to be inspired, we have to unplug from technology and plug back into something deeper.

Yoga, meditation, communing with nature – these are all ways I’ve found my “muse” but they aren’t the only way. Ask yourself (and more importantly, your intuitive self), what do I need to do right now to get “inspired”?

STEP 5: Create a plan of action…and really TAKE ACTION on it!

As creative beings, we often avoid too much planning, convincing ourselves that we’re taking ourselves “out of the moment” when we do.

But the truth is, an intuitively inspired plan does affect us in the now because whether or not we’re pointed in the direction we want to grow will determine how we feel in this given moment.

So gather your notes from Step 3 and Step 4 above (guidance from your role models and from your intuitive self) and take the first step toward making your plan a reality by writing it down, recognizing the power of the written word to welcome our dreams from the world of ideas into the world of creation.

Choose timeframes to take the steps to create these dreams, knowing that flexibility in life is a virtue and that these timeframes can change if needed (but they must first be set in order for you to know if they need to change!).

I like to work backwards by starting BIG and letting all of my ideas flow, then chunking it down to smaller pieces until I finally have a first step.

Once you’ve created ONE step, that first, most powerful one, begin simply by taking action on it toward your most successful life.

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Sabrina Bolin is a compassionate guide whose mission in life is to be a vessel for love, and she currently manifests that mission through MyMiBoSo, her Mind Body Soul coaching practice focused on bringing intuitive awareness to the mind and body in order to create joy in the soul. She would love to guide you toward your most successful life, and you can contact her for a complimentary mini coaching session at, or chat with her on Facebook or on Twitter.

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