How crystals can heal you

Yes, I am a crystal dealer. As in crystal gemstones, that is. Call me crazy, but they have always talked to me. And although modern society may consider Crystal Therapy to be “New Age metaphysics”, it is actually an ancient tradition that was one of the first forms of healing throughout the world. The notion that every crystal has a unique healing property can be traced back through European literature of the early Middle Ages to their sources in Greek, Roman, and Arabic philosophy, which owe much to the Ayurvedic traditions of India. According to ancient Sanskrit texts, the Light of Creator is transmitted to Earth by the different planets in the universe and gemstones collect and radiate this energy. The famous Sanskrit chant “Om Mani Padme Hum” is sometimes translated as “The physical body, the gemstone, and wisdom are inseparable”, perhaps further explaining why our very DNA is shifting from carbon-based to crystalline-based.

While some crystals came from star explosions or other planets, many are formed over millions of years deeply beneath the earth’s surface. Some are re-emerging from ancient civilizations such as Atlantis and Lemuria. They have been named “the offspring of Heaven and Earth’s marriage”, and “a gift from Gaia”. As they are a form of matter that can absorb and carry information, they are extremely useful for accessing Infinite wisdom and anchoring the energy of Source in the human body and activating it on the earth plane. In this powerful time of change, expansion, and uncertainty, crystal healing has become a necessary tool to remain part of the flow of the evolutionary process that is occurring as we enter the new Age.

There are crystal cures for nearly everything. Certain crystals are associated with specific physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual ailments. There are many ways that crystals can open the space of manifestation for prosperity, love, clarity of life purpose, and overall wellness. The colors of the crystals generally follow the standard chakra colors, making it fairly simple to associate which crystals will heal which chakra. We often forget that color is an actual force: the level of energy in Light. All living things have an energy field that surrounds the body, called the aura. The aura has several layers, and crystals are effective tools to correct any imbalances in the aura that could be causing dis-ease. A crystal healer can create an effective grid around the body to fill any absent colors in the aura and correct the electromagnetic field, leaving you with a healthy white Light radiating 9 feet beyond the physical body in all directions. This radiance amplifies your connection with Source, attracts abundance, increases confidence, and balances emotions.

When any type of energy is applied to a crystal, it will generate a charge or voltage on its surface called a “piezoelectric charge”. This is the energy or vibration that can stimulate energetic shifts, clear pathways, and release old patterns of stress or resistance. Crystal spheres should actually be kept out of direct sunlight, as they can focus the sun’s rays and start a fire. Because of this special charge, you will also find crystals in wrist watches, auto spark plugs, computer chips, space shuttle windows, medical lasers, and more. As a crystal healer, I often apply a high vibration crystal to one foot of a patient to open the energy channels through the body and rejuvenate fatigued organs, muscles, etc. A receptive crystal (such as amethyst, which is known for its ability to vaporize negativity) can be placed on the other foot to absorb what is no longer needed as the first crystal continues to break up blocks and resistance. This creates a powerful healing circuit. Prana, or life-force energy, can also be directed through a crystal wand to clear ailments or stale energy and replace it with Light and balance. I also use pendulums to fine tune the chakras one by one, and channel useful information from one’s spirit guides, loved ones, highest Self, ascended masters, archangels, or past lives. A conscious crystal healer will go completely neutral upon beginning a session in order to become a clear channel for the healing to come through.

Scientifically, the inner structures of crystals exhibit a state of complete balance. They are atomically perfect, unlike other objects. Mineralogy explains that a crystal is a solid in which the constituent atoms are packed in a regularly ordered, repeating pattern extending in all three spatial dimensions. This explains why we can so easily drift into the blissful place of the crystalline medicine. They are never looking for problems or trying to trigger your emotions; they just naturally and constantly absorb energy from their surroundings into their internal structure and correct imbalances. This makes for a healing modality that works quickly and without a lot of pain. Simply having crystals in your home and/or office can make a huge improvement to your overall well being.

As Michelangelo said, “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free,” we can do the same for crystals. As we look deeply into them, their spirit comes forward, much like humans. By awakening the life force within the crystals, we not only benefit for ourselves, but we also release their high frequency vibrations to uplift the world.

If you are new to working with crystals, here are some suggestions to get started:

Crystal Quartz is the master quartz and is the most universal. It balances all chakras, it is protective, full of Light energy, and the kirlian camera has proven it to have a strong effect on expanding the aura. You can find it in points, round tumbles, and clusters. Meditate with it in your hand or place it on a chakra or body part that needs healing as needed.

Hematite is one of my favorite stones for the root chakra. It purifies the blood, stabilizes mind & body, and increases energy levels. It vaporizes fear and facilitates steadiness in all facets of life, especially earthly issues like work, home, finances, and relationships. Lie down and place it between the knees as needed to balance the root chakra and entire lower half of the body.

Carnelian works well with the sacral chakra. It rejuvenates internal organs to lessen fatigue, and stabilizes emotional commotion. It assists with insecurity issues, promotes healthy sexuality, and opens the channel of creativity. Lie down and place it just above the sex organs as needed to experience its healing effects on the sacral chakra.

Citrine ignites the Agni, or fire, of the solar plexus and naval chakra. It promotes confidence, courage, and a strong core. It’s great for losing excess fat around the waist. Its golden hues are great for calling in prosperity. It also protects empathic people and those who are susceptible to taking on negative energy from others. Lie down and place it anywhere between the diaphragm and naval point, as your intuition guides you.

Aventurine heals the heart chakra and opens the flow of abundance, love, and joy. It assists with forgiveness and preparing one’s self for partnership and/or improving current relationships. Lie down and place it at the heart center as needed.

Amazonite has a gentle healing energy for the throat chakra. It helps to relieve tension in the neck and throat, increase the flow of authentic communication, and balance the thyroid. Lie down and place it on the throat as needed.

Sodalite activates the brow chakra and increases intuition. It allows you to see the Light and Shadow side of everything without judgment. Promotes neutrality and the ability to act rather than over-analyze. Assists to balance the left & right hemispheres of the brain. Lie down and place it at the brow point or meditate with it in your hand as needed.

Clear Apophyllite opens the crown chakra to the Highest Self and the Infinite Universe. Excellent for spiritual awakening, purifying, releasing mental blocks, and healing headaches. Alleviates feelings of being disconnected, lonely, or lost. Lie down and place it just above the head, or meditate with it in your hand.

All of these crystals can also be carried in a pocket, worn as jewelry, or placed on an alter, desk, or in the car. If you have one for each chakra, you can create a circle with them and sit in the middle. This will correct imbalances in your aura. Experiment and have fun!

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Sat Devbir Singh is a Healer, Spiritual Counselor, Musician, and Teacher of Kundalini Yoga. At an early age, he realized his ability to communicate with the spiritual world. At that time, he made a commitment to follow his Truth and surrender to a life of service, love, and guidance from the Divine. As he grew older, Spirit lead him to deep Meditation and Crystal Healing. He found that the wisdom and harmony held in crystals heightened his meditative experiences, and ultimately lead him to Yoga.

Sat Devbir describes Kundalini Yoga as “the most complete daily practice I’ve found on this quest. The alignment of breath, body movement, and sound create a sacred space for the totality of your Being to become fully realized”. It has enabled a deeper experience of the Crystalline and Native American medicines he carries. Recognizing that our natural state is complete health and balance, he uses the pure energy of crystals to open the space for people to recover their true state of harmony and well-being. Having accessed consciousness from past lives as well as Universal wisdom through his countless hours of meditation and training, Sat Devbir offers a unique and transformational experience in each of his sessions. For information on classes, workshops, private sessions, and retail offerings including his crystal-infused essential oil line Enlightened Oils, visit

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