Dream a little dream for you

2013 - Dream a little dream for you

Living the life of your dreams requires confronting what you have learned and releasing it to learn something bigger and better! It requires courage on many levels and it requires telling you yourself the truth, even when the truth seems impossible to face.

“Dreams. Life. Dreams. Life. Life. Dreams? Life! Dreams! Life. Life. Life! Truth. Truth! Dreams! Dreams! Dreams! Deep sigh of relief. Dreams.”

A strange string of words which, auto correct is warning me is a list of fragments. I find this funny because it is true, this is a list of fragments, however not just the kind of fragments that auto correct is alerting me to.

This list is a list from a fragmented life. This is an example of a life time-line and it reflects the path most people take to get to truly living their dreams.

We all begin our lives using our right brain actively imagining possibility. We imagine great things. We are super heroes, and magical creatures, and powerful beings, and we actively display our joy and passion about the characters we feel we are. We believe in angels and magic and the power of our imagination.

Star light, star bright,

The first star I see tonight;

I wish I may, I wish I might,

Have the wish I wish tonight.

It’s a simple nursery rhyme that I learned when I was a child; simple and simply powerful! You see when a child says this rhyme they really mean it. They really imagine that the star will bring them whatever they wish for. Children never question if this enchanting rhyme can or cannot make their wish come true.  They say it and they believe it, no questions asked, their star will make their dreams come true.

In fact, it is true that their focus on the rhyme and the vision of what they are wishing for actually will create within their lives. My daughter wished for a house with a dog. We did this wish every evening before bed for about a year, with me the adult, wondering how in the world it would even be possible for us to have what she was wishing for.

She never once questioned the viability of her wish. All she did was wish and hold her focus. Now just two years later, she has two houses in which she resides and she has 4 dogs, none of which were created by anything that I the adult, had anything to do with.

When I was a child I said the rhyme while staring at the stars. I wished for a room full of jewelry. To an 8 year old girl that sounded like the best thing in the world! Years later, as an adult, I became a sales rep for a jewelry company. The job came with 15 sample bags full of jewelry, which I had to unload from my car nightly. The bags filled my little kitchen at the time, which meant that I had a room full of jewelry.

These are two small examples of the power of a child’s dreams. If we were left to develop without negative influence in this area, we would still believe without fail, in our dreams. We would still have faith, without question, that our wishes would come true.

However things haven’t remained unaffected. We have all been affected and most people have lost the awareness of their intrinsic right to have everything that they wish for. So we need to find our way back to living the lives of our dreams. We have to return to that which we held as possible and true when we were children.

The magical stage of a child’s life begins to be affected around the time that the age of reason sets in. This is around the time our permanent teeth begin to come in. It is often around the ages 8 or 9. This is when children begin to use their left brain more fully and the analytical portion of the brain begins to use ‘reason’ about their reality. They begin to ask questions and challenge their magical perspectives, with the perspectives that the adults call ‘reality’.

This is when magic begins to disappear from their lives because most children begin to be affected by the adults who begin telling them to “face reality” and to see “the truth – that magic doesn’t really exist and that dreams really don’t come true”. This is also the time when adults begin to tell the children to start looking at life ‘more realistically’ and to realize that life is more than just dreaming. So children begin to adopt the mindset of the adults and they let go of their dreams.

Then age 10 comes along and the child gets a little confused. Their mind is telling them that they can have both. They can be both magical and realistic at the same time. They begin to dream and prepare for their adulthood, with ideas of who they will be and what they will have when they grow up.

They dream their dreams with a child’s wonder and they believe that they will be all that they envision for themselves. Being an artist, or a musician, or an author seems like the perfect plan because they love art and music and writing so much and they are good at it, so why not do it full time as a career?

The adults have another idea. They are scared and tarnished by their lives and they decide that they had better interject a good dose of ‘reality’ into their child’s life. “No honey, you can’t be an artist when you grow up. Artists are always poor. You need to do something that makes money. You need something to fall back on in your life. Why don’t you become a nurse, or a teacher, or a doctor, or a lawyer?

Now the child is really confused. They know that their own feelings feel correct but the adult is always right aren’t they? They begin to question their dreams and they begin to replace them with the adults’ ‘be prepared’ instructions and suddenly the dreams are gone and the child is living life by rote.

Go to school, get good grades, apply to college, get good grades, become a nurse, or teacher, or doctor, or lawyer and everything will be great, right? Graduate; work, work, work, work; it’s not great! Why isn’t it great? I was told it would be great! Why isn’t it great?!

Now the dreams begin to edge back in. “I wish I could just do art all day. I wish I could write all day. I wish I could play music all day, I really do love to play music, but everyone knows that I can’t do that because I need to earn an income! I guess I had better go back to being a plumber.”

This is often when people have a crisis. The crisis can be a health issue, or it can be a professional issue like the loss of a job. It can even be a personal crisis like the loss of a relationship or the death of someone we love.

Whatever way it comes in, it is always a wake-up call that we can take or that we can ignore. It is a call from our spirit to take charge and remember our childhood dreams. It is the opportunity to release all of the false programs and to remember that dreams really do come true.

When you take the wake-up call and you begin to listen to your spirit speak, you need to have courage, really big courage. You need to have courage to break free from ‘reality’ and to break free from ‘something to fall back on’ and to really believe in yourself like you used to believe in the stars bringing you your wish.

You need to be courageous enough to take up your dream and live it completely, fully, passionately, no matter how many times people say to you “When are you going to get a real job?” or “If you were you working a real job you would have benefits and a pension plan and you would have something to fall back on if you get sick or something happens.”

You have to learn to live with your dreams front and centre again, willing to look silly with your superman costume on, loving your life fully the whole way through. Your dreams are your salvation. Your dreams are your exit from the world of crisis. Your dreams are what will fill your life with a big deep sigh of relief. Your dreams…

This step takes trust. You need to trust that your dreams will provide everything you need and want in your life. The more you love what you do, the more what you do will love you. The more time you apply to your dreams, the more your dreams will provide for you.

Living your dreams is not about sitting and wishing your life to be different. It is about applying your full focus to your dreams in every way possible, so that you can have everything you wish for and more. God/Source/The Universe helps those who help themselves.

So I challenge you today to grab your Superman costume, don your Wonder Woman attire, grab your Buzz Lightyear garb and jump back into your life. It is waiting for you to live out the dreams that only you can live.

You are no different than all of these superheroes. You have special talents, special gifts and super powers that no one else has now or will ever have. You are unique and the world awaits your contribution here through the expression of your heart’s deepest dreams. Dream a little dream for you and all of your life will be true.

Dream. Dream. Dream. Dream. Deep Sigh, Dream!

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Karen Popoff


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