How to really get what you want

2013 - How to get what you want

Do you remember “The Secret”? The book and movie came out several years ago creating such a buzz that it was featured a couple of times on the Oprah show and used as puns or props in other shows like Supernatural and The Big Bang Theory.

Not only was this book & movie well marketed but within the work contained a glimpse at something real, a law that governs our world, the Law of Attraction. This Law gave us a feeling that we could have and be anything we want in life; that we can achieve our dreams and goals.

The law is simple, what you think about and feel you attract to you as life circumstances. A lot of people used this law to consciously create what they wanted in life and has had some great success with it, but for others, nothing changed. They did everything the book said to do and still nothing changed. What happen, what went wrong?

To find the answer to this you have to look really deep within. The answer lies in your subconscious mind. It’s your deeply held beliefs that create what happens to you. For example if you want to have more money than what you make now, but your sub-conscious belief is that you don’t deserve more money, your sub-conscious mind will win every time.

Dr. Bruce Lipton said in an interview with the Tapping Solutions, “the subconscious mind is one million times more powerful than the conscious mind.” In order to create what you want in life your sub-conscious mind needs to be in sync with what it is you consciously want. The problem is most people don’t know what there sub-conscious beliefs are in fact they are completely unaware about having them. Others are aware of them but then use them as something to blame as to why they don’t have what they want instead of doing something about it.

What can you do about it? The first thing is realize is that your life is in your hands. If you want your life to change then you have to change. It will mean doing some heavy house cleaning on yourself and creating an environment of action. Sitting in front of the television won’t help you get what you want in life, taking action will.

You have the ability to change your life. You can change those beliefs systems and create new and better ones. Don’t get stuck in believing that you can’t achieve anything, you can.

Below I have listed some of the things you can do to help you in attaining your dreams and goals:

  1. Know what it is that you want in life. Get clear about what you want in every area in life.
  2. Figure out what you need to do to achieve it or what will need to happen to achieve it.
  3. Create an action plan. Break it down into small measurable goals, so you don’t get the feeling of being overwhelmed.
  4. Create vision boards and affirmations to help you re-program your sub-conscious mind.
  5. Create a state of gratitude. The more grateful you are, will help put you in a higher vibration to attract what it is that you want.
  6. Always have a firm, positive belief in yourself and what it is that you can do and achieve.

Always remember you are in charge of your life and if don’t like how it is you have the ability within you to change it.

For me I was told that I was a slow learner and that I would never amount to anything, I would never go to college and/or achieve any real success in life. They told me it’s just best that I learn a trade so I could somehow support myself. I was destined according to the school system to be a low income worker.

As a child hearing this destroyed any self-confidence I might have had. I ended up not believing them. I pushed my way through school and I went to college. Slowly with each success, I gained more and more confidence and as I worked on myself I started to achieve what I wanted in life. Now I run a company that helps others do the same.
I know that if I can change my life you can too and the only one stopping you from doing it is you. If you want your life to change then change it.

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