Set Yourself Up For Success, New Solutions Not Re-solutions

2013 - Set Yourself Up For Success, New Solutions Not Re-solutions

A few days back I thought I was in the middle of a very rough start to the new year. We are all connected 24/7 it is hard to shut out the noise that reenforces  that we aren’t perfect and we need a-fixin’. Yes, we aren’t perfect; no we don’t need fixing. Perfection is boring and overrated. There is a fine line between reaching for our personal best and feeling like we aren’t enough or don’t measure up.

I got dragged into the latter which led to me spiraling out of control. These are some of the things that I am going to change and work on this year. Now that the smoke has cleared a bit I have come to terms on how I need to transition from one year to the next.

1. Transitioning from old to new. I mark transitions in a personal ritual by writing out what was good, positive and accomplished, then ritualistically burn the paper to make way for the new and better. I do this for negate things I need to let-go-of as well.

2. My New Year doesn’t start on January 1.  I don’t start the new year until mid-January or February 1.  This is going to be my experiment this year.  I will still divide the year into 4 quarters with the 4th quarter being November, December and January. This may be a little confusing and I may start the “new year” at the beginning of Quarter 2 (April 1) just as many businesses do. By doing this I hope to eliminate the anxiety of “jump starting” the new year when I still want to enjoy the holidays and wind down then back up slowly. There is still plenty of time for “jump starting” I am just push it back a bit.

3. Focus on how I want to feel.  I have just completed Danielle LaPorte’s The Desire Map and it helped shift my focus from
just being goal oriented to incorporating more of how I want to feel. So going forward my goals will have to fit into my 8 Core Feelings. I am calling these my Roots that everything will be built on.

So I ask you; How Do You Want to Feel? Then let those feelings guide your Intentions and Goals going forward.

4. Dedicate myself to consistent action. Consistent action is the foundation of true joy. With your Intentions and Goals thought out, the only way to attain what you want is through consistency. This may mean making new rituals, habits or patterns. I still have my goals, but through subtle shifts, I’ve turned some of the more mundane goals into things that seem much more attainable just because I changed the rules slightly to suit me.

Where do you have a regular pattern that just doesn’t suit you anymore?

5. Letting go of the outcome.  If you have applied consistent action toward your Goals and Intention, loosen up your grip and expectations of your desired outcome. When we have that death-grip on how we imagine and perceive something, we set ourselves up for complete failure. Most things in life do not turn out the way we envision in our minds, so being attached to that outcome dooms us to feel as if we have failed.

Where can you plan and be consistent yet still let go of your perceived outcome?

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