How to get centered and clear when you are facing challenges

2013 - Get centered and clear
Have you ever hit a rough patch?

Boy did I go through one last week. It seemed like things weren’t working in my favor all week! I was working like crazy and had a million things to do.

The weight of everything hit me on Thursday and tears started flowing out of my eyes. Soon enough, I started sobbing uncontrollably.

I closed my eyes and prayed. Prayed to the divine spirits for help and guidance.

Then, a little voice inside of me started speaking and said, “It’s all going to be ok. You are going to get through this.”

I sat there with my eyes closed, holding on to the words from that little voice. I slowly started to believe the words – that everything was going to be ok and my tears started to dry up.

For the rest of the night, I didn’t do any work. I didn’t think about anything related to work or the problems I was facing. Instead, I went to my friend Alex’s yoga class to get re-centered and to release all the tension and self doubts.

I share this story with you because I’ve had a few conversations recently with some friends who were also going through tough times and feeling a little lost and confused.

You may also might be going through one yourself.

It’s totally ok to feel this way. You are not alone. Everyone goes through one every now and then, even though it seems like other people have their lives figured out!

If you want to release the fears and tensions you may be feeling, the best way I’ve found to do this is to get re-centered and focus on the breath.

Long deep breathing slows our heart rate and slows our mind and thoughts.

So if you are also going through a rough spot, try this.

Close your eyes and breath in, filling your whole body with the beautiful air. As you breath in think, “I am surrounded by love.”

As you exhale, start to think, “I am sending out love.”

Do this a few more times to calm your mind.

You know, we don’t often take time for ourselves. I’m definitely guilty of this one. Life sometimes gets in the way of doing something for ourselves!

Let’s buck this trend! This week, schedule in 1-2 minutes of the deep breathing exercise I walked you through a day.

By doing so, you’ll slowly start to shift your mind from worry and get re-connected to your inner self. It’ll be like a little treat for your mind, body, spirit. Once you feel connected again, your mind will be free and clear to create new possibilities!!

And please share how you feel before and after the long deep breathing exercise by commenting below! This is a community and by sharing where you are, you could help someone else (remember, YOUR VOICE DOES MATTER)!

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