It takes work to keep it S.E.X.Y

2013 - Keep it SEXY

I Hate Me So Much Right Now!

As much as I’m ashamed to admit it, this sentiment gets spoken by my pesky inner critic a lot lately.

As I start this new journey of entrepreneurship, I am stepping into a new horizon; one where I have the pleasure of teaching women to accept them as they are, and helping them put their best foot forward.

With that, I am faced with practicing what I preach.

If you know me personally this will come as no surprise to you; however, if you are new to my fabulousness I have something to confess.

I am a/an major overzealous perfectionist. Couple that with my horrid creative brain and you get the ball of mess that I can become.

The business of teaching women acceptance includes teaching forgiveness of oneself for anything you may feel has not met or exceeded your expectations.

Sometimes I get caught up in analyzing situations and what could have or should have happened.

And this is my WORST habit of all times; beating myself up for something that I could have done or should have done.

I’ve gotten really good at singing my shoulda, coulda, wouldas.

And I’m not alone.

You too have been faced with moments where you are being attacked by the most efficient enemy to date, YOURSELF.

And these moments come up every single day of your life; but it’s not the situation or your self-talk that defines who you are, it’s how you react at these moments that define your character.

In these moments I am forced to self-actualize who I want to be or how I would advise another to go about the situation. So I’m here to share my little tip.

In my self-defeating moments I turn to a personal mantra. One of which has gotten me through many situations, before I even knew this was the framework I was following.

This particular mantra encompasses everything about what womanhood/personhood is supposed to be; and that is to keep it S.E.X.Y.

Please don’t get all feminist on me before you let me explain. It has nothing to do with your outward appearance, and more to do with your inward emotions.

Keeping it S.E.X.Y. simply means to



eXample of

Yourself AT ALL TIMES. At all times….

Again, at all times.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Whenever you are in a sticky position and unsure what to do, just repeat….Keep It S.E.X.Y.

With that you cannot fail. When you put your best foot forward you are being the most perfect version of yourself that there is, period.

This mantra can get you through periods where you feel like yelling or screaming at someone or dealing with someone that really gets under your skin.

I try to live by this mantra every day, and so should you.

In the comments below, name a time where this mantra could of helped you out of a sticky situation.

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Ty Johnson-Anderson

Ty Johnson-Anderson is the founder of Liberated Motherhood. She is dubbed the emotional liberation and charisma specialist helping kick-ass women “get it together”. Ty aides in teaching self-love and personal rebranding; thus getting to the root of your issues and repositioning you to live a life more fulfilled and away from self-criticism and social competition. If you’re living YOUR truth, there is no competition. Join her team of vixens to get up to date straight to the point information on living your life the way you want.

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