The Ingenious Divine Plan

2013 - The Ingenious Divine Plan

Have you ever wondered why it seems to take more time to manifest/create some dreams while other dreams or thoughts seem to manifest almost immediately? Perhaps you are doing everything you can possibly do to make sure that your dreams come true and yet the process still isn’t as fast as you think it should be.

We have many energy tools to use to accelerate our manifestations like visualization, meditation, using the Law of Attraction and learning how to harness and wield energy on our own behalf and yet it still takes time to create some of the bigger things that we want or we think that we want.

Sure we can create smaller things pretty quickly. Maybe we need a parking space and as we drive up and focus on getting one, even though the lot is full, suddenly a spot opens up just for us. Maybe we need to make a personal connection with someone who can help us in some way and while visiting with a friend that person enters the room, because they too know your friend, and suddenly you are being introduced to them. Or maybe you are thinking it would be nice to go and do something that requires use of money you have not allocated toward that expense when suddenly you receive extra bookings from your clients and the payments for those sessions become the exact amount of the payment for the activity you wanted to do.

These are the types of things that we can create easily and effortlessly when we know how to focus our energy, harness our power and create from intention. It’s the really big changes that seem to take a few days, to a few years to create.

This doesn’t mean that we have less ability to create the big things. In truth, what it means is we have been given the added time to make adjustments to what we want, as we discover if we are creating things we truly want, or not, because sometimes we think we want something but in the light of day that something is not what we wanted at all.

I believe it takes times to manifest big things because it was set up that way for a reason. I believe this is an ingenious plan from the Divine.

If every thought were to create instantly, I can only imagine what my life might look like. I shudder to think what I might look like, or the number of people I would still have in my life that don’t belong there, or the marriages I would have had to people with whom I should never have married, or what else I would have crowding in on my space based upon the unfocused, random thoughts that I have daily!

I am so grateful that the Divine has created a buffer zone to creation, a little wiggle room for us, on the big manifestations, so that we can adjust our thoughts, our desires and our beliefs as we move along. The Universe is always listening and helping us to create what we think and believe, so having the room to adjust our thoughts and beliefs is essential if we want to create a life that is genuinely a reflection of our true dreams.

One other factor is also at play here. Sometimes the slower manifestation is about the Universe giving us the time to slowly adapt to the changes that the big manifestation will bring with it. If right here, right now, your dream manifested without warning or preparation, it could really alter the course of the rest of your life in ways that you may not have considered and may not be prepared to accept yet.

Manifesting requires us to take physical action toward our dreams and combine it with an awareness of how to use energy to enhance upon our physical actions. Since we are working with the physical we need to understand the physical.

The physical takes a little longer to get things done for a reason. It is so that the Human mind can cooperatively accompany the heart into whatever is required for the change to occur. Without the cooperation of our mind, we would be constantly battling with ourselves instead of focusing our efforts on making our dreams come true.

The next time you find yourself frustrated that your really big dreams are taking longer to bring into creation than you want, take a moment to reflect on the brilliant plan of the Divine to help you to prepare to live the life you dream of living.

As you accept and work with the Divine you will actually speed up the creation process and before you know it you will be living the life of your dreams!

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