The Miracle of Love

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Ahh Love.

It is a beautiful thing when you can find true love. Call me a romantic, but I have visions of being swept off my feet and showered with love by my prince charming. I guess I watched one too many Disney movies growing up.

Unfortunately, that prince charming hasn’t come into my life yet.

But I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason. In fact, it’s actually quite a good thing he hasn’t come my way yet. Because over the last few years, I’ve been on a journey to LOVE MYSELF.

Love is everywhere, but sometimes we don’t see it. At least I don’t…not sure about you.

Growing up, I’ve looked outside for love – from my parents, friends, boyfriends. I was so worried what everyone would think about me. I had to be the perfect little girl, friend, girlfriend. And each time, I went after love, a piece of me went too.

It is because when I sought love, I inadvertently lost love at the same time. I lost my own self love. Trying to be perfect exposed my flaws. I kept on thinking, “I’m not good enough.” That doubt paralyzed me.

As I mentioned, these last few years have real been an amazing journey. Because I’ve rediscovered who I am and my own worth. I LOVE MYSELF more than ever before.

Even with all the ups and downs in my life, all my doubts around my ability to create my business and all the other crazy stuff that has shown up in my life over the last year, I can now more than ever stand in my own self love.

Loving myself has given me the courage to move forward and the faith that I will succeed.

Maybe you are also feeling a little unsure about where you are in life. Maybe you’re stuck.

It’s ok.

Close your eyes.

Take a few deep breaths.

Feel your heart.

From your heart, tell yourself, “I love you. And everything is going to work out.”

You can repeat this throughout the day if you need.

Love heals all wounds. This is the miracle of love.

Love yourself first and all shall come.

Here’s your tweetable quote of the day: “I am full of LOVE.”

And as always, you are welcome to join the conversation by posting a comment below.

Let me know how you are going to love yourself today.

with peace, love, and joy,


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Minling Chuang

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