What you can learn from playing a little limbo

2013 - Limbo

Remember limbo?

Jack be limbo, Jack be quick
Jack go unda limbo stick
All around the limbo clock
Hey, let’s do the limbo rock

Just singing this song brings back memories of playing this game at school.

But these days, limbo means something else to most people.

There’s so much uncertainty in the world. Where there used to be stability – jobs, economy, world politics – there seems to be more unrest and changes. You might be feeling this uncertainty yourself. I know I am.

It’s funny, I hadn’t thought about the game of limbo in years and when I sat down to write this note, it was the first image that popped in my head. As I pondered this a little more, I realized that the game of limbo can teach us something about being in limbo.

It’s so easy to stay in one spot. To be comfortable is easy. In the game of limbo, you can stay comfortable by standing on the outside watching people try to clear the bar as the bar is continuously lowered. Being the spectator, watching the action, laughing at your friends as they try to maneuver under the bar can be fun.

But, if you are on the sidelines, you may be missing out on the bigger picture. As you are observing the game, your friends are in the game, learning and adapting to the challenge ahead. They may fail and fall down. They may succeed and clear the bar. Either way, they learned something new.

So often people are on the sidelines watching the limbo action in life instead of being in the thick of it. When it gets tough and they face uncertainty, they want out and to be a spectator again.

This is the biggest mistake someone can make. Being on the outside means you don’t get to succeed or fail. You don’t get to learn. You merely exist.

And being in limbo is actually a good thing. Because it’s the time when you get to decide what path you want to take. It means you are in transition and have the opportunity to choose your destiny. If you aren’t in limbo or in that transitional phase, you are not living your life to the fullest.

Look at it this way. A caterpillar can stay a caterpillar or it can go through a transition period to become a butterfly. During it’s transitional period, it’s body is being chemically disassembled and reconstructed. I don’t know about you, but it sounds like it hurts and isn’t a comfortable period for the caterpillar! But like the caterpillar, people must go through this limbo or transitional state to be who they are supposed to be.

If you take yourself out of the game, you may not get the chance to fulfill your purpose in life.

Yes, it may suck.

Yes, it may hurt.

Yes, you may fail.

Yes, you may cry.

But on the otherside, something greater is waiting for you.

Embrace being in limbo. Take that chance in life.

And if it sucks, hurts, you fail or cry along the way, have a support system ready for you to move forward. I’ve relied on friends when I’ve felt depressed and depleted by the whole process. I’ve relied on myself and the knowledge that something greater is out there for me. I’ve also relied on my Kundalini Yoga practice to give me the strength and courage to move forward.

You CAN succeed. Choose it. Choose to be in limbo for a short while so that you can flourish.

And I’ll be here cheering you on!

Today’s tweetable quote is: “I can conquer anything I set my mind to.”

So, are you ready to play some limbo?

I hope so! I’ll “see” you in the comments below!

And if you are ready to take the next step in your life. If you’re ready to find out your TRUE purpose in life. Join me next Wednesday for the FREE webinar on The Sweet Spot (click here).

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