5 Strategies for Dealing with Negative People

2013 - 5 strategies for dealing with negative people

Everyone has the one person in their daily activities that can come out of nowhere and totally ruin your happy streak, make your second guess your confidence, or just brings about a gloomy cast over your otherwise bright and shiny day.

Anyone that has to deal with negative people on a regular basis knows just how challenging it can be.

The good news is you can lessen the effects of their negativity by coming up with a plan to deal with this challenge.

Try these strategies:

  1. Be objective. It’s important not to take the negative person’s comments personally. You realized that this particular person is pessimistic most of the time and take an unhelpful perspective of most things, so why even let them ruin your mood. Many are so absorbed by their negativity they lack tactfulness.
    • In reality, you might feel a little sorry for them. Aren’t you glad that you don’t carry the same negative attitude about life? It’s difficult to be upset with someone when you feel sorry for them.
  2. Just ignore the negativity. It can be very helpful to steer the conversation to lighter topics or just laugh it off.
  3. Avoid rewarding negative talk. Sometimes we inadvertently encourage the negative person by being too supportive.
    • Instead, don’t engage fully in the conversation when someone is being overly negative. Keep your responses and attention to a minimum when the negative talk is flying.
  4. Make a concerted effort to limit the amount of time you spend with them. Every positive and negative experience in your life has some effect on you. So take care of yourself and avoid spending more time with them than you need to.
  5. Eliminate them from your life. Just simply put, let them go.  If it’s someone you care deeply about let them know that their behavior is off putting.  And if they aren’t someone you care deeply about then they are taking up value space in your existence and you should purge yourself of the dead weight.  Sometimes we have people in our lives that don’t have to be there, and it doesn’t make sense to maintain the relationship if that relationship only brings you negativity.

Negative people are a fact of life and something that we all must deal with from time to time. These strategies will help you keep their negative effects on your life to a minimum.

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