Here’s how to get everything you want

2013 - Here's how to get everything you want

Wow, what a crazy week!

World JOY Day was last week and we had a stellar finish with a Yoga Off on 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica, CA.  Check out our Facebook page for pictures!

Creating World JOY Day, I didn’t know if it would succeed or if it would fail.

But it really didn’t matter whether it succeeded or failed.


Because what mattered was starting and finishing something that I set out to do.

This is the big secret about getting everything you want.

So often, there are times, we have flashes of brilliance of what we want to create or do, but then when it’s time to go out and make things happen, we get stopped.

The idea comes, but nothing happens afterwards.

Have you noticed this happening in your life?

Maybe it comes in the form of procrastination.

Maybe you tell yourself it’s too hard to do.

I’ve definitely been guilty of this.  My excuse usually revolves around being too “overwhelmed”.

Whatever it is, we let the these fears take over.  We let these fears stop us from achieving what we really want to achieve.

This weekend, one of my yoga teachers said something really profound.

“It doesn’t matter where you finish, it matters that you started.”

To reach your goals, it’s really not about succeeding or failing at something, it’s about starting, following through and our intention behind all of it.

We’ve been taught at a young age to be successful and failing was not an option. Just look at the sports industry. There’s immense value placed on winning. Because if you win, you are rewarded. And if you lose, you get nothing and you may feel awful or embarrassed about losing.

Because of this, many people, including myself, have been afraid to start because we are afraid of failing.

But really, what we should be celebrating is starting and finishing (no matter if you finish at the top or not). As long as you put forth your best effort, starting and finishing should be celebrated.

So I invite you look for something you’ve always wanted to start, but been too afraid of starting and start taking baby steps.

As long as you put your heart behind what you want to create, you are a winner.

Because life is a work in progress.

Just create, start, and take it each day, each step at a time.

And please share what you goals you want to reach by commenting below! This is a community and by sharing where you are, you could help someone else!

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