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2013 - Keep up

“Keep up and you’ll be kept up.” – Yogi Bhajan

I absolutely love this quote!

It’s so powerful, simple, and inspirational!!

Because really, all you can do in life is to keep moving forward.

Life is one crazy ride!

And it’s definitely not always easy!

But each part of your journey, my journey, and everyone else’s journey is necessary because it tests our persistence and determination.

Believe me, there have been countless of times where I’ve wanted to stop because things just seemed so impossible. I’ve even broken down a bunch of times and cried as I shared in last weeks note.

You maybe have felt this way too.

But the beauty of life is that no matter how hard things may seem at the time, you have the power within you to overcome them. We were all given resources to dig deep and keep going.

However, when you are in the thick of things, it’s easy to forget. There have been plenty of examples in your life where you have overcome something. To even get where you are today, you’ve had to face challenges.

So when you may be feeling a little lost, stuck or overwhelmed, remember that you can and will succeed. Because you have the strength, the determination, and the perseverance to succeed. You’ve already succeed in life to get where you are!

One thing my yoga teacher, Guru Singh, said was that we’ve already succeeded in life by being born. And it’s true. Your birth is a miracle and the greatest challenge you’ll ever face.

Just think of the entire process. To be born, you had to go through a lot of stuff and mostly challenges. I will spare the details, but it’s a fact.  It does take a lot to be born – to be standing or sitting where you are right now!

So even if things aren’t going your way or you feel stopped by a challenge, keep going forward. Your perseverance will carry you past any obstacles in your way.  You’ve done it before and you can do it again!

If you’d like to share how you’ve overcome challenges or even share the challenge currently facing, please comment below.

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