5 Ways to Lead an Extraordinary Life

2013 - 5 ways to live an extraordinary life

Do you have a big, bold, courageous dream that is aching to come true?

Write a book, backpack through Europe, go back to school, run a marathon, quit your job, become a yoga instructor, start a business, or rent a cottage by the sea.

We want to break free from the expectations laid out by society and go after our audacious and sparkly goals. We want to live a life we love. Going big fills us with confidence and courage and makes us feel invincible.

It means ignoring the voice inside our heads that says we’re not good enough, not strong enough, not thin enough, not smart enough, and not experienced enough. It means getting really clear about what we want, making sacrifices, and taking small steps every day to make it happen.

But it can also be a time consuming and anxiety-ridden journey. We can become overcome with self-doubt and held back by fear. It can make us feel inadequate and undeserving because we are scared we will fail and scared of what other people will think.

Then there are days when it’s all too much and we just want to pull up the covers, hide in a pillow fort, and escape from the rest of the world.

When we reach this point, it is easy to forget that we already have everything we need to begin living an extraordinary life. Here are five simple ways to inject your life with more joy today.

5 Ways to Lead an Extraordinary Life

  1. Stop

Stop taking yourself so seriously. Stop comparing yourself to others. Stop caring what other people think. Stop trying to control everything. Stop worrying so much about your weaknesses and embrace your strengths. Stop trying to be perfect. Stop believing that taking a risk means you will fail. Stop letting fear run your life.

  1. Practice

Practice radical acceptance towards yourself and others. Practice genuine kindness. Practice finding your sweet spot of deliberate action and spontaneous fun. Explore your spirituality and practice what makes you feel most sacred. Practice balancing your input with your output. Challenge the status quo and practice being you.

  1. Share

Speak up and share your story. Let others speak, but don’t be afraid to raise your voice if something needs to be said. Set boundaries with your time, your energy, and your money. Ignore the haters and do more of what you love. Celebrate your successes. Celebrate other’s successes. Just celebrate.

  1. Play

Sing loudly. Dance as if no one is watching. Go outside. Get dirty. Laugh. A lot. Paint with your fingers. Imagine the possibilities. Wear clothes that don’t match. Bake a cake. Have a frosting fight. Spin in circles. Play hide-and-seek. Blow bubbles. Make a mess.

  1. Love

Treat yourself kindly and allow yourself the space to grow. Create meaningful relationships and nurture the heck out of them. Love with abandon. Connect with something larger than yourself. Take amazing care of your body. Get clear on your values and honor them daily. Listen to your inner voice. Believe in your passions and take your dream seriously.

Going after your big goals is a sure-fire way to live a life you love, but when you’re feeling overwhelmed and burnt out, remember these five simple ways to begin living an extraordinary life today.

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