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Life; a simple 4 letter word that houses everything we are, everything we believe and everything we dream of within it. Life is the journey of a soul, for an undisclosed amount of time, through the human experience.

If you believe you are here to simply bumble along in life for no apparent reason, then this article may not be of interest to you. I believe we are here to do something, be someone, share our wisdom and learn.

Each of us is uniquely prepared to bring certain wisdom, certain awareness and a certain perspective to this world. When we take a detour and become disconnected from our truth, we will also prevent our message from getting to the world.

Everyone has their own message and no message is grander or less grand than another. A person may not end up being known worldwide for their message; still their message is extremely important to whomever it touches in life.

To live life fully you must engage with it fully. Unless you engage with your life fully, your life will merely happen to you rather than happening with you and for you.

Each time you take a step in the truth of who you are and who you are driven to be, you allow yourself the space to touch the lives of others who are here to learn from your wisdom.

Take some time every day to reconnect to the truth of who you are. Meditation and/or prayer are excellent tools to connect to this message, however if you do not meditate or pray, there are other ways that you can connect to your deep knowing.

Try taking time to journal about your feelings and your life, or take a long walk and contemplate your life, take a warm and soothing bath to be with your own thoughts or dance and feel what your knowingness is sharing with you. Whatever you choose to do, do it with the idea of reconnecting to the deepest knowing of who you are and why you are here.

When you do this and the more often you do this, you allow yourself to be taken on a magical journey, your magical journey called your life. Listen for the internal voice that says, “I really love doing this! I wish I could do it all the time.” And then put your attention to doing that very activity as often as you can make it happen. This is how you learn to follow your purpose for being here and to share your unique message.

When you do what you love, what you love will love you. What this means is, your unique purpose will drive you to love certain things. When you allow yourself to do and enjoy the things that you love, throughout your life, you will instinctively follow the path you are meant to follow.

Then, what you do will love you, by bringing you the revenue that you require to experience all of the experiences that you are here to have.

I believe that when we follow our passion in life, we are more than looked after. We are rewarded for listening to the wisdom within, which is guiding us to create the life we are meant to live. The rewards are profound and numerous. When we listen to our knowingness we are gifted with all of the wonderful things that life has to offer, including money!

I encourage you to take time to listen to your own knowingness, listen to your heart and what you love and follow what you learn. Each time you do this, you will be brought the extraordinary gift of living the life you are meant to live and you will get to enjoy all of the pleasures that go along with that.

Not only will you enjoy the pleasure of your life, you will also help many others through the message that your life brings and they will then enjoy their lives even more as a result. Then the circle is complete and you truly have accomplished what you came here to do.

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