Make De-clutter and Simplify Your Spring Mantras

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Do you feel like you can’t keep up with all your to-do’s: projects, work, family obligations, and chores?

Do you crave stillness and silence and a way out of the stress that comes with too much? If so, it’s time to quiet your mind and reassess why you have so much going on. You need to simplify and go into Spring fresh and clear.

Some of the best ways to destress is to declutter and simplify. Simplifying takes conscious effort, and consistent small steps can get you there quickly. Here are a five ideas I share with my clients to clear the cobwebs of stagnation:

Purge — Start with one room at a time. Clear a few hours and don’t stop. Although there is no rush don’t let yourself off the hook.  You are making new habits that you are going to incorporate into your lifestyle by doing it in Autumn as well (twice yearly).

  • Clear up your computer including your inbox by getting rid of old email and files.

  • Clear your desk and home office space. Do the same, shred or burn files that are older than 5 years old. Keep important documents and tax returns.

  • Clean out one drawer at a time.

  • Unsubscribe to any email that you don’t read. You are giving all these newsletters a piece of you every month even if you aren’t reading them.

Free Your Space = Free Your Mind

Don’t overthink what to keep and what to toss. Make quick decisions about all of the things you need to deal with in each area. Leaving it for another day is not an option. Go methodically through piles and file it, trash it, or add it to your To Do list to take care of right away.

Shorten Your Daily To-do’s List — Do you have more than 10 items on your To Do list? This is too much!  Reevaluate and prioritize the list and either cross off or delegate those things that are least important to you or don’t net the highest return. Get in the habit of doing this regularly. I have 3 things on my list each day, that is it outside of self-care and cooking. If we run out of food, tough! I only shop on certain days and outside of that, they have to make due.

Have an Open Day once a week – This may sound crazy to some of you. I have a day once a week that has nothing planned at all except lunch with my husband and a little exercise. It’s my “see how it goes” day and for me is usually Friday. I am plenty busy, but the focus is taken off of the “must-dos” and I find I can catch up, have space to plan next week, write, do website maintenance, take a bath or whatever.

Making this space in my week has completely shifted my stress level down. What changed was that I wasn’t over committing myself every day.

Give up Something — Or for some of you, give up or quit more than one thing. I understand it may take time to untangle you from all of your commitments. Chose the things that suck every last bit of energy out of you.  Again, either delegate or just say “NO”. Think about those that you love and pay close attention to how that thought feels in your body.  If you don’t get that good feeling, its time to consider clearing your plate of things you should have quit along time ago.  It is easy to send a polite messages explaining that you no longer have the time to give. If they don’t understand, that is a sign that your energy needs to be spent elsewhere.

Ditch Multi-Tasking — This is my biggest pet peeve in life. Multi-tasking was invented by clever corporate folks to get every last bit of mental and physical energy out of workers.

Our brains are not meant to handle 5 things at once.  When you focus on one thing at a time and group similar tasks, you are much more productive. It takes practice to stay focused in the present but once you start seeing success you will be amazed at how great it feels. In the end, you’ll get more done without the scattered side effects of ADD that often accompany multi-tasking.

Learn to say NO — There is only one YOU and there are only so many hours in the week. When you look back from your deathbed what are you going to remember? Is it going to be rushing around to get your kids to all the extracurricular activities, or spending extra time at work? I hope not. We are pressed to give everything of ourselves and by not making ourselves available we feel and are perceived as selfish. When you don’t care for you by setting clear boundaries and giving yourself free unscheduled time you are cheating you and everyone you care about.

All these steps are practical, achievable and will pay off in decreased stress, a freer mind and a decluttered space.  Before you know it, the boundaries you are setting will actually second nature and ready you to take these steps to other areas of your life.

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