The Real Beauty Of Life Isn’t What You Expect…



Sometimes you love it, sometimes you don’t.

But there in lies the beauty.

Most people want to stay in the “love life” space.  They want everything to be peachy and easy. They stay away from difficult situations.

Hey, I’ve been there too.

However, as I have deepened my own spiritual practice and my own self discovery process, I think the best times in life are actually the hardest.


Because when we hit rock bottom or are facing challenging times, we have a huge opportunity to go way beyond what we thought was possible. It allows us dig deeper.
Take a look at sports!  Most people love the underdog story.  People love rooting for the people or teams who achieve the impossible.  The underdogs are the one doing something special and unexpected.

They may not be the most talented, but they have the most heart – they want it more than others and will appreciate the win much more.

I see this in my business every day.  Things aren’t always so rosy.  I face challenges after challenges.  But it’s a beautiful thing because I learn and grow and I am better equipped to help my clients go through their challenges too. And, it gives me greater appreciation for the good things that happen in my business.

You see, in order to experience the highest of the highs, you also have to experience the lows.

And you won’t truly grasp and appreciate the highs until you also experience the lows. Because it is really one in the same.  It’s like a coin – there are two sides and both need exist.

In today’s society, everyone wants to win and stay on the high note.  Your EGO wants to win.  It hates losing.  It hates being uncomfortable.  It hates challenges.

Why? Because it gets in the way of feeling secure.

When you are secure, you have control.  When you have control, you have power.  And your EGO loves power.

But to truly grow, you have to embrace the challenges and learn from those situations.  The obstacles are your stepping stone to reaching your truest potential. Surrender to those moments and ask yourself, “What can I learn through this challenge?”

By asking you will receive the lesson you need to learn.

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