Where Does Health Really Begin?

2013 - Where Does Health Really Begin

I’ll be the first to admit that I do have one serious addiction: Buying books. I always have one in my purse, one on my nightstand, one tucked in my suitcase for red-eye flights, another for gym time, and dozens of backups stacked around my apartment. I strategically place them everywhere to fuel my deep-seated need to be constantly inspired and expand my level of awareness.

A couple weeks ago I had a dry spell. I caught myself grazing a fashion magazine with nothing new to delve into, so I swung by the bookstore. But instead of a book falling off the shelf and into my hands as usual, I was confronted by dozens of women who were standing in line for a new release. It was just another new “New York Times Bestseller” on how to lose weight. Oh was I disappointed.

When I say, “just another”–yes, I truly mean it. “Just another.” And I have my reasons behind it.

If you Google weight loss there are a whopping 576 MILLION search results. The information on how to lose weight is OUT THERE. EVERYWHERE.

So why are people making millions persuading you that, just because they have a celebrity endorsement, their variation of the Paleo diet will get you back in your LBD (little black dress)? With so much information out there, why is the dieting industry still a billion dollar business?

Pay attention: this is really important. We are one of the most educated yet one of the least healthy nations in the world. We spend thousands of dollars each year on trying to look beautiful, but most of us really don’t feel good…especially inside.

Americans are trapped in this (never ending hamster wheel) of depression because, statistically, 90% of diets fail. Most people burn out and begin again. And they will continue to until they change their thinking.

Americans go back over and over and over again because they haven’t worked on the most important muscle: their mind.

Our body is a mirror reflection of what’s going on up there. Think about it.

Einstein said, “You can’t solve a problem with the same consciousness that created it.” Even ancient wisdom teaches us “a healthy mind in a healthy body,” and “the body is the temple of the soul,” yet so many of us are lost because we are only focused on the exterior.

Just as a house will fall to the ground without its foundation, thus your body will become overweight and sick without a mind that is focused on health and happiness. If we cut ourselves off from the emotional, spiritual beings that we are, only focusing on the physical body, then we cut ourselves off from the main cause of sickness and weight gain, which manifests from our thoughts.

Your body will change when your mind changes. If your primary focus is only on ways to lose weight (and this is constantly the focus of your thought patterns) then you are projecting to the universe that you “need to lose weight.” You are sending the vibration “I don’t love my body,” and from that your body reflects that feeling. When you begin to love every nook and cranny of that beautiful body of yours– your body responds by losing weight because you are reflecting those thought patterns.

See the difference? Great. Lets take it one step further.

We do not honor our bodies but instead honor our thought patterns and beliefs. And if we shift our belief towards love and forgiveness then we will respond with the quality of life and the body that we so desire.

Often, clients come to me with certain symptoms and expect that I can give them some magic elixir to help the drop the weight. I really only have two options: I can either guide clients to more suffering (i.e. another diet), or I can guide clients to explore their past suffering in order to deal with their pain in the most compassionate and loving way possible. So, I must engage them and focus on the opportunity for them to look inside and discover what true healing is.

We carry this pain and these beliefs with us our entire lives. That is why underneath the weight, there always a story to be told. Every client has their own consciousness, an essence of being, the ability to take responsibility, and a desire to find love and experience true forgiveness. And by discovering these aspects of themselves, permanent weight loss can take place.

Your awareness level and consciousness is something that can only be personally constructed. Awareness is the first step towards good health and your ideal body. It is about seeing things in your own way and not in the way you were taught or told it should be.

Through meditation, affirmations, exploring self-awareness programs, or working with a health coach you can truly develop a level of awareness that will attract the body of your dreams. Small steps will help reprogram the thought patterns that have been ingrained in your sub-consciousness.

I am certain that if we were to learn about self-love and acceptance from childhood, we’d be a much happier, healthier, and skinnier country. So I encourage you to do this: when you get home, take an inventory of your library. What hasn’t worked? Sit with yourself and ask the simplest of questions. Look at yourself in the mirror and with complete honesty ask, “What about me, my thought patterns, my personal journey, my struggles, and my life have prevented me from conquering the body of my dreams?”

Instead of running to the book store to buy the newest “21 Day Detox Diet,” why not take this time to ask the Universe what would be the best book for your own personal journey? The best book to help you discover self-love and grow at this particular time?

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