Why perfection is overrated and how you can achieve more JOY

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Have you every felt like you had to be perfect?
I certainly did.
Growing up I always thought I had to be perfect – from my grades in school to just being a good and respectful daughter (I’m Chinese afterall).  Perfection drove me to succeed.  But, ironically it also hindered my success.
Because perfection is really a mirage or in yogic philosophy, the maya – an illusion to what is real.
So many of us strive to be perfect, but at what expense?
Perfection masks your fear.
It masks the fear of failure.  It masks the fear of not being good enough.
It took me many years to realize that perfection is what was holding me back from truly embracing myself and loving myself.
Being perfect held me back from being JOYFUL because I was so concerned with “how I looked” or “what other people thought.”
Breaking free from this idea has opened new doors.
Because I gave myself permission to fail and permission to take chances.  I mean {the JOY depot} is a reflection of taking a chance.  With this chance comes the potential for failure.
But this is what life is really about – taking chances and embracing our failures along the way.  This is how we grow.
When we learn to embrace the failures and love our failures, we become more JOYFUL.
With this attitude, nothing can stop you, nothing can bring your spirit down.
This week, I invite you to kick your idea of perfection to the curb and to embrace all of your failures.
Do something that you can fail at (maybe it’s something that will make you look like a fool…and if it does, embrace it).
Celebrate and give gratitude to your failures.  Yes, thank your failures as each one helps you grow – learn to love them!  You can even post your gratitude on our Facebook page and join the daily gratitude movement!
Let go of “what should be” and embrace “what is”.  Remember, what you have is perfect and where you are is perfect.  You are exactly where you are supposed to be.
To truly kick your perfection habit to the curb, you have to be willing to fail time and time again.  You have to be willing to look a little foolish.  You have to be willing to be vulnerable.
And when you are free from the constraints of perfection and the fear of failure, you are free to create whatever it is you want in your life!

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