You Are Stronger Than You Believe!

2013 - You Are Stronger Than You Believe!

You are stronger than you believe, what I learned from the hardest yoga class I’ve had to teach…yet!

I teach yoga on Friday evening. And this past summer, I was dumped on a Friday afternoon. The timing was straight-up awful.

I had just returned from super double fun adventures in Chicago and California. My boyfriend picked me up from the airport when I arrived home, still awash with the excitement of my trips. We went to my apartment where we spent a long time, until the wee hours of the morning, talking about our relationship. In my absence, he’d realized he was having doubts about being with me. And, after almost 24 hours of conversation with intermittent sleep, things between us were over.

For reasons beyond my control, I was without a car and it was about an hour and a half until I was to teach my happy hour yoga class. So, I did what any desperate person would do under dire circumstances and I called my mother. Even though it was out of her way, she agreed to come to my apartment to pick me up and then drive me to the studio.

I made my bed, got dressed in my yoga clothing, did some dishes and waited for my mother to arrive. I was brimming with awkward feelings. I was confused, hurt, upset, tired, sad.

I called a friend, asked for her to take me to pick up a rental car the following morning. And still, waited for my ride.

When my mother arrived, I think we made small talk. She took me to the studio. We waited to see if anyone would show up for class. I was secretly hoping I wouldn’t have to teach since I was an emotional wreck but about two minutes before class was supposed to start, a student arrived. I knew her and she had attended my classes before. I waited to see if anyone else would be coming, but there I was with my one student. My mother wished me luck, gave me a big hug and went on her way.

I don’t remember what I taught that evening. I don’t remember what I said. I don’t remember much of anything other than how I felt.

And at the end of class, instead of giving the usual savasna lovin’, I sat in sukhasana. That I had forgotten an integral part of class didn’t even register until much later.

She left the studio and I felt terrible. Terrible because I was a bad yoga teacher, terrible because I was a bad girlfriend, terrible because I was alone, terrible because I didn’t have a car and had to bother people I cared about.

But guess what? Life goes on. My dog still had to be walked, my laundry still had to be done, I still had to go to my job and I still had to teach yoga.

Life gives us tests. Sometimes we pass and sometimes we fail. And, when we fail we keep getting the same tests over and over again until we somehow manage to pass. What I realized was that if I could show up on my mat for yoga under those circumstances, if I could still teach even when I was in pain, if I could be there for another person in the midst of my own suffering, then surely I am capable of more than I know.

And even if I wasn’t perfect, I’d like to believe that is a test that I passed.

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Elizabeth Grepp

Elizabeth Grepp is a three time Cleveland, Ohio boomeranger and Midwestern gal through and through.

She is a yoga teacher, kindness advocate, wannabe vegan foodie, weekend warrior, aspiring photographer and writer as well as vintage enthusiast.

Her first introduction to yoga came while living in San Jose, Costa Rica. Since then, she has not met a yoga that she doesn't like. She takes inspiration from various types of yoga including Ashtanga, Jivamukti as well as Anusara with dashes of Baptiste and Kundalini. Most weekends she can be found teaching happy hour yoga at The Studio Cleveland.

Elizabeth firmly believes in the power of a life of empowered awareness and the ability to live powerfully transformative life by bringing the yogic lifestyle off the mat and into the world.

You can follow her adventures on twitter with the handle @cleyogi or email her at cleyogi (at) gmail (dot) com!

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