5 Ways to Find Your Authentic Voice

2013 - Embrace your voice

I hear clients say they need help finding their voice all the time. I promise you, it was never lost. They don’t really need to find their voice, they just need the courage to use the one they already have.

I think we get afraid to use our voice because we don’t want to own what we have to say. What if we make a mistake and other people judge us? What if we want to take it back later when we have a different perspective?

Part of using our voice is giving ourselves permission to be ourselves. We have to give ourselves the room to make mistakes. And, we have to understand that we are constantly evolving into something better.

Using our voice is equal parts bravery and humbleness. Bravery means using our voice before we feel ready. Humbleness is the ability to face our flaws and imperfections when they are written in black and white before us.

Using our voice is also about detachment. I don’t mean writing something that is emotionally void, so please write with your heart and soul. But, not everyone is going to be ready to hear your truth and that has nothing to do with you.

Some people call this compassionate detachment. Your critics have their journey, and you have yours. One does not invalidate the other.

To me, it is all about intention. I have to know in my heart of hearts that I’m using my voice as a force of good, that I’m trying to makes things better in this world. When I’m in alignment with that, it is easier not to take other people’s comments personally.

I also think that we hide our voices subconsciously because we are afraid to shine too bright. Who would we be if the whole world sat up and took notice of what we had to say? We end up feeling exposed and vulnerable.

I think it is our vulnerability that makes us beautiful. I also think it makes out writing authentic and real when we write from a place of vulnerability. That’s where the courage and the humility come in.

If you feel like you are hiding your voice or light, please remember that you are a snowflake – singular and beautiful. The world needs to hear your unique perspective.

Here are 5 ways to embrace your own authentic voice

  • Write in a journal everyday to strengthen your voice.

  • Practice speaking your truth without anger or resentment.

  • Write out scripts that feel authentic to your soul and practice saying them out loud.

  • Role play speaking your truth with “safe” people to build up courage.

  • Celebrate every time you are able to speak up and shine your light.

About the JOY Coach

Twila Camp

Twila Camp is a professional writer and creativity coach who is passionate about helping people embrace their inner voice. She believes in the power of words to spread joy, love, peace, and understanding. You can connect with her at TwilaCamp.com.

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