Why you should trust your instincts!

2013 - Trust your instinct

A few days ago, my good friend called to talk about a new job she was mulling over.  She wasn’t sure if she should make the move, after all she’s been with her company for 8 years.  She started asking questions and trying to figure out the pros and the cons.

As she was doing this, I had to stop her and ask one simple question.

“What does your gut tell you?”

We often forget how powerful our instincts are.

In any situation, our hearts, our guts will tell us whether we should move forward in something.

So, this week’s Simple Tips is dedicated to trusting your instincts!



Over the last few years, I’ve been studying Kundalini yoga.  All my teachers tell me that we must cultivate our intuition and that Kundalini helps strengthen this part of us.

It is because our minds are a bit wild.  It will go any which way, often times leaving with no clear direction.

Our minds are rational and will rationalize any problem you put before it.

But in our hearts, in our guts, we know the answer.  No rationalization is strong enough to sway our hearts desires.

Look back in your life.

Have you felt like something was not right or maybe something was right?  Maybe it was with a relationship.  Maybe it was with your business.

You are really more powerful than you think.  You just need to allow your own inner knowledge shine through. Start trusting yourself and the answers from within a little more!

As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Trust your instinct to the end, through you can render no reason.” (you can tweet this)

Cultivating your instincts is a skill.  All you need is to practice by placing your trust in it.  As you practice, your intuition will get stronger.

So, really practice this week.  And let me know how you are letting your instincts guide you by commenting below!

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