2013 - Don't wait just start FB

Don’t Wait, Just Start!

Have you ever heard of the statement, “Just Do It!”? Yeah, I’m sure you have!  It’s only one of the most famous taglines out there.  I mention it because Nike has a point.  In life…Don’t wait, Just Do It!  Or in other words — Don’t wait, Just Start! We all have dreams and goals we […]

2013 - Why surrendering is good FB

Why surrendering is good

Surrendering can be a good thing. Sometimes in life things don’t go our way.  It plain old sucks when this happen.  I can tell you from experience that I had many lows in my business.  I would cry and cry and cry thinking about all the mistakes I made.  I would wonder what I was […]

2013 - Power of hustling FB

The power of hustling

When you hear the word “Hustle”, what do you think of? The dance move… “Do the hustle?” The song… “Everyday I’m hustlin’”? Or some person hustling others out of their money? When I think of the word “Hustle”, I think of stopping at nothing to achieve my goals. “Time to Hustle” has been my mantra […]

2013 - How to create a tribe FB

How to create your own TRIBE

A common question people ask is how succeed in whatever they are doing.  Well, my answer is simple.  Success is lies in the TRIBE that you create around you. Why a tribe? Well, if you look all around there are tribes everywhere.  Families can be considered tribes. Nations can be considered tribes.  Religions can be […]

2013 - Celebrate JOY FB

How to be JOYFUL in an instant

Is it possible to be JOYFUL in an instant? I say YES! JOY is available at any time.  You can summon up this feeling whenever you need, even when you are feeling a bit down. Feelings are just that, feelings.  It can change in a moment, if you want it to.  The key to remember […]

2013 - Don't be perfect

Don’t be perfect

Growing up I always thought I had to be perfect — the perfect daughter for my parents, the perfect student in school.  You name it, perfection was a standard I had to meet. But as I was striving to be perfect, I came to realize I was far from it.  And it crushed me. I […]

2013 - How to deal with criticism - FB

How to deal with criticism

Criticism is hard to take! Sometimes when someone criticizes me, I can take it personally — probably because I’m a people pleaser and want people to be happy. This was especially true with my parents.  I hated letting them down.  So when they criticize me for something, I would feel awful about myself and like […]

2013 - Celebrate your jealousy

Can being jealous be good for you?

Can being jealous be a good thing? Hey, we all get jealous of other people from time to time. Sometimes you want what someone else has. And I’m not too proud to admit that I’ve definitely been jealous many times! Often times, jealousy is looked at in a negative light.  People believe that when you […]

2013 - How to Attract Abundance

How to attract abundance

Let’s get real here!  We all want more in our lives – whether it’s more money, more love, more toys, more opportunities. But at some point, to really know abundance, we have to stop looking fore MORE and start looking at what we already HAVE. I have fallen into this trap myself – dreaming and […]

2013 - How to do more with less time pt. 2

How to do more with less time part 2

Mastering time is not always easy. Let’s face it we can get side tracked by a number of things – Facebook, Twitter, TV, etc.  And if you were able to watch last week’s episode of Simple Tips, you were given a useful tool to help you get present to how you waste time. But that’s […]