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Anne-Sophie Reinhardt

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2013 - Buffy

What Buffy can teach you about life

I grew up loving Buffy – The Vampire Slayer. She was my heroine. I escaped in her world when my reality seemed to completely go off the rails and I spent years learning everything about vampires and what it means to be a slayer. I was, yes, obsessed. Of course, I was secretly – or […]

2013 -How Can I Love My Body if I don't Look Like a Noami Campbell?

How Can I Love My Body if I don’t Look Like a Naomi Campbell?

How can I love my body if it looks like this? How can I love my body if it doesn’t look like hers? I used to think this way – all the time. I used to believe that body-love and body-acceptance was reserved for the Heidi Klums and Guiselle Bündchens of this world; women with […]