About the JOY Coach

Cheryl Bigus

Cheryl is a personal development coach and mentor who helps women free themselves from hormonal imbalances, weight issues and chronic stress so they can achieve confidence in the way they look and feel without using boot-camp workouts and deprivation diets.

Cheryl takes great joy in helping women unearth their happiness and desires and would love for you to contact her for a free "Frantic to Euphoric" Breakthrough Session. She is a Healthy-Life Coach who can be contacted at EuphoricRoots.com and on Facebook.

simplify your life

Make De-clutter and Simplify Your Spring Mantras

Do you feel like you can’t keep up with all your to-do’s: projects, work, family obligations, and chores? Do you crave stillness and silence and a way out of the stress that comes with too much? If so, it’s time to quiet your mind and reassess why you have so much going on. You need […]

2013 - Failure teaches success

Failure teaches success

Failure Teaches Success – Japanese saying I will be the first to say it…I am a total failure. I’m actually happy about that. To me it means I’ve done something, actually many things and I keep going and going. What changed for me other than admitting that yes, I have FAILED, is that that 1) […]

2013 - Find your inner passion

How to find your inner passion

“We must act out passion before we can feel it” – Jean-Paul Sartre Every year in February, there is a lot of focus on relationships, partners, finding your soulmate, sex, hearts and flowers, the color red and chocolate. As with New Year’s Day (and Resolutions), I seem to find myself resistant to a celebration that […]

2013 - Set Yourself Up For Success, New Solutions Not Re-solutions

Set Yourself Up For Success, New Solutions Not Re-solutions

A few days back I thought I was in the middle of a very rough start to the new year. We are all connected 24/7 it is hard to shut out the noise that reenforces  that we aren’t perfect and we need a-fixin’. Yes, we aren’t perfect; no we don’t need fixing. Perfection is boring and overrated. There […]

2012 - 9 Ways to Simplify and Bring More Joy to Your Holidays

9 Ways to Simplify and Bring More Joy to Your Holidays

Shifting your focus during the holiday season is the easiest way to experience joy and happiness during a time that is stressful for most. 1. Plan ahead. Successes start with planning. I use a basic calendar on my computer to plan shopping, meals, social engagements, work and appointments. It is the quickest way to see if I am […]