About the JOY Coach

Elizabeth Grepp

Elizabeth Grepp is a three time Cleveland, Ohio boomeranger and Midwestern gal through and through.

She is a yoga teacher, kindness advocate, wannabe vegan foodie, weekend warrior, aspiring photographer and writer as well as vintage enthusiast.

Her first introduction to yoga came while living in San Jose, Costa Rica. Since then, she has not met a yoga that she doesn't like. She takes inspiration from various types of yoga including Ashtanga, Jivamukti as well as Anusara with dashes of Baptiste and Kundalini. Most weekends she can be found teaching happy hour yoga at The Studio Cleveland.

Elizabeth firmly believes in the power of a life of empowered awareness and the ability to live powerfully transformative life by bringing the yogic lifestyle off the mat and into the world.

You can follow her adventures on twitter with the handle @cleyogi or email her at cleyogi (at) gmail (dot) com!

2013 - You Are Stronger Than You Believe!

You Are Stronger Than You Believe!

You are stronger than you believe, what I learned from the hardest yoga class I’ve had to teach…yet! I teach yoga on Friday evening. And this past summer, I was dumped on a Friday afternoon. The timing was straight-up awful. I had just returned from super double fun adventures in Chicago and California. My boyfriend […]

2013 - Do I need your love?

Do I need your love?

Curl up with this recommended reading “I Need Your Love – Is That True?” by Byron Katie. I’ve been an avid reader for a very long time. In fact, my parents have pictures of me falling asleep reading at the ripe old age of five and a half. In my adult life, I ambitiously resolved […]

2012 - Its ok to cry even in yoga class

It’s okay to cry, even in yoga class

I have been teaching yoga classes for a little over a year now. I am still in the stages of establishing myself as a teacher and also work a 9-5 jobbie, yet I have some followers who come to my classes regularly. Occasionally, there are people who come a few times and then I never […]

2012 - Who needs a relationship when you have a mantra?

Who needs a relationship when you have a mantra?

Being single is not all it’s cracked up to be but then again, neither is being in a relationship. I’ve done both and find them to be equally difficult in completely different ways. Being single is great because you can do whatever, whenever with no one to care. This means that anything is par for […]