About the JOY Coach

Gigi Yogini

Brigitte Kouba (aka Gigi Yogini) is a certified Yoga Teacher, Performance Artist, Self-Expression Therapist and International Adventure Specialist based in Los Angeles, California. Gigi’s mission in life is to inspire others to live joyful, creative and connected lifestyles through fitness and the arts. Her passions include movement, music, film and travel. She loves hosting a variety of dynamic events, classes, workshops and retreats at her new studio and around the world. Gigi uniquely blends traditional Vinyasa, Kundalini and Tantra yoga with West African dance and eclectic world music to create a powerful, uplifting and transformative experience for her students. In recognition of her work, Gigi was named an ambassador for lululemon athletica and Manduka.

updog in the desert with gigi

5 Ways I Practice Joy, Because Being Depressed Sucks

I have literally made it my business to help people access their joy. Ten years ago I suffered from such intense depression that I could barely get out of bed. The moment I recognized that I was awake, I’d actually start crying and would pull the covers over my head to avoid the sunlight. I […]