About the JOY Coach

Ty Johnson-Anderson

Ty Johnson-Anderson is the founder of Liberated Motherhood. She is dubbed the emotional liberation and charisma specialist helping kick-ass women “get it together”. Ty aides in teaching self-love and personal rebranding; thus getting to the root of your issues and repositioning you to live a life more fulfilled and away from self-criticism and social competition. If you’re living YOUR truth, there is no competition. Join her team of vixens to get up to date straight to the point information on living your life the way you want.

2013 - How to Let Go of Grudges and Be at Peace with Yourself

How to Let Go of Grudges and Be at Peace with Yourself

You ever think back to the old days, and the mere mention of someone’s name can tie your stomach in this knot that makes you physically sick? How is it that someone’s name can illicit such an emotional response? I know you’re saying, “But Jane was sooo mean to me.  She made my life a […]

2013 - 5 strategies for dealing with negative people

5 Strategies for Dealing with Negative People

Everyone has the one person in their daily activities that can come out of nowhere and totally ruin your happy streak, make your second guess your confidence, or just brings about a gloomy cast over your otherwise bright and shiny day. Anyone that has to deal with negative people on a regular basis knows just […]

2013 - Keep it SEXY

It takes work to keep it S.E.X.Y

I Hate Me So Much Right Now! As much as I’m ashamed to admit it, this sentiment gets spoken by my pesky inner critic a lot lately. As I start this new journey of entrepreneurship, I am stepping into a new horizon; one where I have the pleasure of teaching women to accept them as […]

2013 - Who's taking care of you

Who’s loving you?

Valentine’s Day is approaching fast, the nationally recognized Day of Love. And if you are like many women you’ve already dropped hints to what you would like to receive or left circles on the barrage of advertisements that I’m sure is flooding your mailbox. Men will undoubtedly spend $50 or more on a dozen roses […]