365 days of joy

Joy is all around us. Let’s find it together!

Day 365 - We're belly dancing!

Day 365: We’re belly dancing!

It has been a bittersweet day. Today is my last day of 365 days of JOY! My friends Alex and Albina and I went to a belly dancing class!  We shook our booty, shimmied our body, and tried very hard to move our belly the way our teacher taught us.  It’s harder than it looks, […]

Day 364 - We're celebrating with the Rose Parade

Day 364: We’re celebrating with the Rose Parade

Happy New Year!!!! Today, my parents and I celebrated with a family tradition, going to the Rose Parade. For those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s held in Pasadena every New Years and has these gorgeous floats decorated with all kinds of flowers and natural ingredients.  And it’s one of the best […]

Day 363 - We're ending the year on a high note!

Day 363: We’re ending the year on a high note!

We totally ended the year on a high note!!  I went to my favorite yoga studio, Yoga West and did some meditations with 130 other yogis!  It was an amazing experience.  We laughed, we learned, we felt bliss, we danced, and so much more.  It was magical! I love being surrounded by so much love! […]

Day 362 - the time creator worksheet is complete

Day 362: the “Time Creator” worksheet is completed!

I don’t know about you, but I would like to have more time to complete things I want to complete.  It always seems like the days go by too fast! After struggling with this issue for many years, I figured out how to beat the system.  I just completed my “Sure Fire Time Creator” worksheet […]

Day 361 - of Babies, Babies, Babies!

Day 361: of babies, babies, babies!

We have babies on our minds!!!  I went to my friend, Rachel’s shower today.  Rachel and I met freshman year of college and were roommates for 3 years.  It’s so crazy to think that she’s pregnant.  I’m so happy for her!! It seems like yesterday when we were all hanging out in the halls of […]

Day 360 - I'm healthy, happy, and ready to take action!

Day 360: I’m healthy, happy, and ready to take action!

What a great day, even though it might not look that way right away. I was supposed to meet a friend this evening, but unfortunately, he was sick so had to cancel.  So on my way back from the yoga studio on a side street, I accidentally rear ended another car. So why was this […]

Day 359- I love meditating

Day 359: I love meditating!

I just absolutely love meditating!  It grounds and centers me.  Usually I meditate in the morning, but I had to be out the door super early this morning.  So instead, I changed up the routine and meditated at night. And boy do I feel great! My energy completely shifted and I’m at peace! If you […]

Day 358- we're getting healthy!

Day 358: We’re getting healthy!

My mom, dad and I are getting a jump start on our New Year’s resolution!  We are getting healthy! Today we went to Biocytonics to get our blood read.  It was amazing to see our blood cells through the microscope and see what was causing various ailments.  While I’m fairly healthy, their are a few […]

Day 357- of my grandparents!

Day 357 – of my grandparents!

  My grandparents make me so happy!!  First of all, aren’t they adorable?  My paternal grandma is 94 years old and my maternal grandpa is 104 years old. I love spending time with them.  They always seem to find a way to make me laugh. Today we went to Fashion Island to see the Christmas […]

Day 356- it's christmas eve 2

Day 356: It’s Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas!  It’s always nice to spend time with my family!!  Tonight we had our Christmas Dinner (the Chinese version of course).  My mom made so much yummy food! Afterwards, we exchanged our “gifts”.  I put gifts in quotations because we don’t give presents, but rather exchange red envelopes.  It’s a Chinese tradition to do […]