I love love love you

5 simple ways to spread love every day

Love.  We all want it. But, do we also give enough of it? I saw Marianne Williamson speak a few weeks ago.  She shared that most people prefer LOVE over Hate (no surprise there), but she also asked, “Then why is hate winning?” Great question right? It’s because we don’t act on LOVE with the […]

2012 - Find what you love a story about passion 3

Find what you love: A story of passion

  As an athlete and simply a competitive person by nature, I’ve had to take some time recently and reflect on why I am the way I am. I can play a friendly game of Scrabble, and end up throwing letters of the alphabet across the table in spasms of excitement over the four-letter word […]

2012 - 5 Practical Tips for How To Follow Your Dreams

5 Practical Tips for How To Follow Your Dreams

More often than not, we go through life on autopilot. Sure, there might be things we’d like to change, but who has the time to think it through? We tell ourselves we’ll do it next month or next year, and continue our current routine no matter how unsatisfied we are with it. But if you’ve […]

2012 - Getting clear on your personal truth

Getting clear on your personal truth: How to follow your own destiny

Last year as 11-11-11 approached, I could feel the rumbling vibration of change, the fear in those who would resist it, and the hope in those who would embrace it. For me, there was only one option. It was time for me to show my mind who was boss once and for all. I called […]

2012 - Jump into the unknown with open arms

Jump into the unknown with open arms

I’ll admit it.  The unknown scares the ____ out of me. And I’m sure it scares the ____ out of many other people. There is this weird fear that keeps us contained in our safe little box.  It’s our comfort zone.  Why do something else when you can do what you know right? We all […]

2012 - Siri Marka  - Manifest Relationships - Part I video

The beauty of relationships – Be true to your love

Be the architect in your life.  Join Siri Marka in the Long Time Sun chant and manifest pure love & light into your world.    

2012 - Self Love

5 ways to give yourself LOVE!

Giving ourselves LOVE is one of the most important tools we have.   Growing up, I always thought that self love = being “self absorbed”, “cocky”, “vain”, etc.  Part of the reason was because I was taught to be humble and respectful of others.  To me, this meant I didn’t boost about myself accomplishments to […]

2012 - Siri Marka  - Manifest Relationships - Part I video

Manifest the right relationship!

Siri Marka Singh Khalsa leads this beautiful and simple meditation to help you manifest the right relationships.  

Grandma living without money

do we really need money to be happy?

There’s the saying that money can’t buy happiness.  Is this true? I often wonder about this.  I wonder if we’d all be better off if we didn’t have money. But then my immediate reaction is how can I survive without money.  I mean we need money to buy things right? The other day, I came […]

Steve Jobs

finding our passion!

I think most people would agree when we say Steve Job is a legend. He helped develop some of the most revolutionary products.  But I would argue that his legacy is more than the products he left behind – he also left us with some amazing words of wisdom.  Here’s one of my favorites. “Remembering […]