2013 - 21 ways to gain more love

21 Ways to Gain More Love in Your Life

It’s often that we don’t realize we want to heal until we are unwell. The call that we are losing our homeostasis or balance isn’t heard under the drown of western life until its very serious, and in that call the most deepest cry is Self-Love. I myself didn’t hear the call until the pain […]

2013 - How to relieve stress in less than 1 min

How to relieve stress in less than 1 minute

For the last few weeks I’ve been posting a daily gratitude on {the JOY depot}’s Facebook page and inviting people to join in.  And wow, it has been so much fun seeing what people are grateful for each day. Taking a moment to step back and appreciate what we have in life gives our lives so […]

2013 - Where Does Health Really Begin

Where Does Health Really Begin?

I’ll be the first to admit that I do have one serious addiction: Buying books. I always have one in my purse, one on my nightstand, one tucked in my suitcase for red-eye flights, another for gym time, and dozens of backups stacked around my apartment. I strategically place them everywhere to fuel my deep-seated […]

2013 - You Are Stronger Than You Believe!

You Are Stronger Than You Believe!

You are stronger than you believe, what I learned from the hardest yoga class I’ve had to teach…yet! I teach yoga on Friday evening. And this past summer, I was dumped on a Friday afternoon. The timing was straight-up awful. I had just returned from super double fun adventures in Chicago and California. My boyfriend […]

2013 - go with the flow

Flow with life to find your joy

Have you heard the saying “Go with the flow”? When I looked up the definition of this statement, there were a few versions and none of them were that great.  Here’s how the dictionary defines this statement. “To do what other people are doing or agree with other people because it’s the easiest thing to […]

2013 - 5 Things You Need to Stop Telling Yourself

5 Things You Need to Stop Telling Yourself

We all have things that we tell ourselves throughout the day. They can be negative or positive and they can be in response to the good things we’ve done or the mistakes we’ve made. The problem is that most of the time, the thoughts are negative and tend to be degrading and hurtful. And yet […]

2013 - The secret to fixing any problem

The secret to fixing any problem

Do you sometimes feel like your life is all over the place? Maybe you feel a little crazy and scattered – trying to juggle your job, family, friends, while still trying to find time for yourself. I’ve totally been in this boat. In fact it’s exactly how I’ve been feeling this week and I’m still […]

2013 - 5 strategies for dealing with negative people

5 Strategies for Dealing with Negative People

Everyone has the one person in their daily activities that can come out of nowhere and totally ruin your happy streak, make your second guess your confidence, or just brings about a gloomy cast over your otherwise bright and shiny day. Anyone that has to deal with negative people on a regular basis knows just […]

2013 - Get centered and clear

How to get centered and clear when you are facing challenges

Have you ever hit a rough patch? Boy did I go through one last week. It seemed like things weren’t working in my favor all week! I was working like crazy and had a million things to do. The weight of everything hit me on Thursday and tears started flowing out of my eyes. Soon […]

2013 - Keep it SEXY

It takes work to keep it S.E.X.Y

I Hate Me So Much Right Now! As much as I’m ashamed to admit it, this sentiment gets spoken by my pesky inner critic a lot lately. As I start this new journey of entrepreneurship, I am stepping into a new horizon; one where I have the pleasure of teaching women to accept them as […]