submission guidelines

{the JOY depot} is looking for contributors to our website.


Because it’s all about sharing the love and joy to elevate human kind(ness).

{the JOY depot} is more than a website, it’s a community – where we can learn and share with each other.  We are all individuals – each embarking on our own journey and creating our own joyful life.  But was are also part of ONE world and where what we do and say affects each other.  When we share and are united, we all THRIVE!

So why not your share your journey with others.  You never know who may read it and be inspired by it.

If you have a story, learned something new, want to share a quote or picture, have tips for people…we want to hear from you!

Need more reasons? How about 5 more?

1. Make a difference in people’s lives.  Our words are powerful.  We can inspire others.  We can make people feel less alone in the world.  We can create an energetic, vibrant community full of love and joy!

2. Build a team to support your journey.  Your posts will include a bio about you and what you are creating and will link back to your website. Why not get other people to support what you do?  It’s much more fun having people support you than being the lone ranger.  Trust me!

3. Express your creativity.  So often our creativity gets stifled in the hustle and bustle of day to day life.  I know my creativity was stifled.  Take some time to express yourself through words, pictures, artwork, quotes or anything else you can think of.

4. Join a movement of like minded people.  Hey, a movement has to start somewhere.  Let’s face it, day to day life can be a pain.  Turn it around by spreading joy and inspiring people to create their own joy!

5.  Meet people. Related to the point above, posting on {the JOY depot} allows you to grow your network of connections.  Who knows, you may be come friends with people who were once complete strangers.

Bonus: Every once in awhile, I’ll also feature full length stories about people and their journeys.  I will be combing through the submissions to find people to feature.

Here’s how you can contribute!

1. Blog Posts

Writing Guidelines:

  • Pick a category.  We have 4 categories to choose from.
  • Share a specific story that relates to the category.  Every story needs a home so please relate your writing back to the chosen category.
  • Be real, original, and honest.  We want to get to know you, the person!  Share your struggles and triumphs.  Be vulnerable and raw.  Lay it all out and let your bright spirit shine through your words!  Also, please provide original content for the site!
  • Share your unique voice.  We are inspired by each other.  But no one wants to read the same story twice.  There may be other people writing on the same topic.  Because of this, share your unique voice, thoughts, and feelings on the topic.  Similar to the point above, be real, original, and honest.
  • Include actionable steps / tips.  Share tips and steps our readers can take to address similar issues and challenges.
  • Keep self promotion to a minimum.  We are happy to promote your stuff through your bio.  But no one wants to be “sold” stuff so please don’t include too much self promotion in the main blog post!  Plus, we’d rather read your story and relate to you in a deeper way!

Submitting the post:

  • Use Microsoft Word when writing the post.
  • Keep paragraphs to 3 sentences or less.
  • Keep posts to 1200 words or less (exceptions may be granted, but on a case by case basis).
  • Use 10 point font, black, and single space.
  • Include your bio and picture.
  • Include a link to a non-copyrighted picture (You can find some on
  • Email us at info (at) thejoydepot (dot) com.
  • Write “Submission for post” & “Title of your post” in the subject line.

**All submissions  may be included in future projects from {the JOY depot}.  Blog posts may be edited, including your title.

Thank you for your wonderful contribution!

With peace, love & joy,

Minling & {the JOY depot}