Jenna LisaWorking with Minling was an incredible treat! I had been struggling with coming up with the specific message for my brand and although I knew it was brimming inside of me, I needed guidance. Minling has an incredible way of coaching without being overbearing which I loved, she helped me tap into my inner knowing by asking me specific questions, which allowed me to discover the answers that were already inside of me that just needed to be uncovered. With her incredible skills, I had breakthroughs on the exact words and message I wanted my brand to stand for!! I adored how we started each session with an intention or a meditation, not only did I feel like we accomplished my goals but I always left our conversations feeling uplifted, clearer in my vision and with a deeper knowing that my brand was taking on a new life. Since working with Minling, my weekly Beauty Boost newsletter has been a treat to send out and has been getting a lot of attention thus far!  I would recommend anyone who is struggling to find the emotion behind there branding to work with Minling, you will not be disappointed!

– Jenna Lobos / Corona Del Mar, CA / Health & Wellness Lifestyle Coach


I first met Minling during our yoga teacher training journey.

Throughout the year I came to realize that Minling is an amazingly kind, creative and organized young lady! She speaks and acts with both compassion and honesty, which is a very rare quality indeed. Her diligence as a yoga practitioner helps her in her yoga teaching and also in her life coaching.

If you want smart, practical advice that comes from the heart, Minling is your gal. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

– Elizabeth Grepp / Cleveland, OH / Yoga Teacher


My professional background as a life and business coach introduces me to many amazing people – working with Minling was one of those special, enlightening connections you rarely forget.  Her disciplined approach to life, and clear connection to her core values are experienced as a loving and healing presence.  Being coached by Minling, always left me with a sense of joy, peace and a new possibility.  Take advantage of knowing and working with Minling.  She will inspire your own personal “Inner Yoda”!

 – Marilyn Davidson

“My experience of Minling is that she’s someone who likes to have fun.  She’s smart and in touch with her heart and what makes her feel good and she wants that for others.  She is a leader and courageous.  She has a lot of love to give and is committed to her family, friends and community.  Minling is dedicated and makes a difference in the world.”

– April Needham / Lakewood, OH / Getting Started in the Modeling Industry Blog


“I will be graduating in a month with my bachelors degree and the coaching session with Minling helped me focus on where I want to be and where I don’t want to be.   Her advice helped me take a focus, making things more clear and she really simplified things for me.  All her advice was helpful!”

– Nahssemh Kamal / Cleveland, OH